And Idea for Matt - A pdf I'd like to see!

Hey Matt,

Here's a suggestion that I bet will be popular among the Conan crowd. It would be a nice little freebie that will cost you little (a little time from one of your staffers*) but be greatly appreciated among the Conan community.

What if you went through all the issues of S&P, sliced out the Conan material, then slapped it all together into one big pdf, free for download.

It's be a one-time project of a few hours, collecting those articles from the 81 S&P issues, but I bet you'd get loud applause if a Conan player could download a pdf with all that material collected together in one place.

Each month, as new Conan material comes out, simply have someone add the appropriate pages to the pdf.

I'm not talking about adding any frills here. Forget formatting or orgnization or changing page numbers or adding a cover or anything like that. Just simply cut out all the pages and slap them together in one pdf. Then, have the pdf available as a download.

If you are feeling very generous, you could include the Conan material not published elswhere that appeared in S&P issues 1-24 that aren't available for download. If not, hey, that's OK. There's plenty of free Conan material in the S&P mag already.

As a matter of fact, I bet, if you did this for all of your game lines, your players would eat it up. The Traveller people download the Traveller stuff. The Runequest people have their own book. The B5 people get theirs, and so on.

Just a friendly suggestion, seeing as the material is already available for free. It would just make it easier to use. Instead of flipping through all those S&P files to find the right Conan article or adventure, one could simple open one file and skim through that.

What do you think?

I know I'd love to be able to have all the Conan S&P stuff in one file.

EDIT: Alternative Idea. What if someone donated their time to create this file? That way, it costs a Goose staffer no time at all. I bet there is a fan that is willing to slice out these articles and slap them together into one pdf--if Mongoose will post it for download for all Conan players to use.