A GameMaster Screen for Slaine


Me thinks this would be cool, athough I now believe this has about as much chance of happening as any of the other 2000Ad licences being picked up.

Though I guess it's not really important and I could really make my own out of some Slaine printouts and cardboard.

It's something I noticed while looking for the essential role playing materials for the playing the Judge Dredd Role Playing Game.

It does have game master screen plus the additional background material and perhaps a recap on stuff that has already been included in the other books on Mega City and Cursed Earth villians.

Not to mention, the essential summary of rules, usually for NPC encounters and combat. What ever else the game master would need to keep looking up.

Now, the game master screens I have seen, ( I used to have the one for WOD's Werewolf the Appocalpse.) usaullly there is a bonus adventure and some new characters. Allies and enemies.

Something different and a chance to show off some old and recent artwork combined.

Some thing of a montage.

For Instance the cover for the recently published Slaine: Books of Invasions, Volume One. ( I just received mine in the mail a week ago.)
The C. Lanely artwork would do nicely on a Game master screen or even some of the optional artwork inside.


I could imagine some stuff on Slaine that featured in Signs & Portents. The Midgard Vikings, Drunes, Cythrons, Els ( In General.) Formorians, and the new Sea Devils. Quinosaurs.
I guess it wouldn't be LEGAL to cut n paste some of the well known images myself & show them off here for the rest of the board to see.
Well, I been going through all, the Slaine art that I have found available on the internet. Most of it is S. Bisely's.

So I have found a picture of Slaine marching into battle( Front cover.) with Balor riding his giant Caribou. ( Back Cover.)

I couldn't dso much with them as I can't cut n paste individual imasges. Otherwise I could have come up with something really effective.

What I w really looking for was a picture that could be folded out over four pages. I noticed that C. Lanely did alot of double covers of Slaine that might might worthwhile screen material.

A regular picture of Slaine over the front and back cover, with a Warped picture of Slaine over the two inside covers. But blended in with oither picture, like one of the famous MAD foldins.
I imagine Dungeon's Masters Sceen using cover art from Clint Lanely's art work on either of the books of Invasion One and two would make for brand new Game Master Screens.

I suspect number three would as well, though it's yet to be seen.
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