Slaine.... the close to Perfect Template for Cythrawl & maybe even the higher realms...

Been reading up on the Original Core rules for Kult (Another role playing game not made by Mongoose-Publishing, but by Target-Games. yes, I know this blasphemy to mention here, but I was always wondering more and more about the gaps left wide open in the state the Slaine RPG was left in.) in the game-masters chapter "The False World" (Start reading that on page 177), but you need to take a few liberties (It's modern world stuff) and be prepared to sort out what doesn't work in Slaine's and what does.

It goes on about how hell and perhaps heaven are very real extensions of our so called reality that are beyond the perception of most regular folk. (Remebr what was said about densities in "Slaine : The Book/s of Invasions". I think the stuff they say about demons could also the grafted onto the Cythron's. It even mentions Archons, our or their jailers. Servants or masters of the Demi-urge. The one god or whatever you want to call them. (Yes, I know, blasphemy!).

I think if people are still into the Slaine rpg, that this is a worthwhile source of occult information clearly not touched on by the game's creator. Worth looking further into....just adjust your perceptions and see Tir-Nan-Og for what it truly is......Cythrawl!
Apologies if you all find my post here, confusing, hard to understand &/or irrelevant. Putting it simply, there some areas of Slaine that I found in the comic that weren't covered in the Role-Playing-Game. Apologies to the creators (Of both comic and role playing game.) if they are offended by those remarks.. I understand the latter ran out of licencing time to finish their work.

Does anybody recall the other Books that were meant to be written/published for the game...

Four more sourcebooks for the borders of Tir Nan Og were planned but never released:

  • Fomorians: The Sea Devils of Lochlann
  • Norsemen: The Berserkers of Midgard
  • The Drunes: Druids of the Worm God
  • Dinas Emrys: The Eternal Fortress
Although some of the material in these book might have been printed in those Signs & Portents articles. It now strikes me as odd, that the Cythron's (Also found in S&P) & stuff about Cythrawl (Or Cythraul) weren't planned as such.

Looking for my copy of the "The Dark-Gods" (While I have forgotten the names of the Authors...) which I had learned served as a source of inspiration for Slaine author Pat Mills.
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