2nd Edition


I want to know if the second edition will have rules changed or something. I've paid too much for this book ( as in importation book i've paid 51.96€ that at change are....63.39$) and if the second edition will be the same but without the typo errors ...well... i won´t pay for it. I have the 110 and 111 pages with the feats table and i've write the errors with a pencil. I won´t pay another 51.63€ for a game I've not play because i'm waiting to the road of kings.
I ask that because i've read in a post that the second edition will be out in august.
I remember a post by Mongoose Bob in the Rulesmasters section implying that the Sons of Cimmeria would see the rules changes first. But I may have read too much in his post and it's not official.