[2300 AD] Full Body Combat Armor?


Banded Mongoose
Good evening! I was going over the original 2300 AD (put out by GDW) and noted that they had "Full Body Combat Armor" which weighs 20 kg, AV of 1, etc. Looking at 2300 AD v2 from Mongoose, I didn't see it at all. Checked Core Book 1 as well as Tools of Frontier Living....has this been converted to Mongoose v2? I'm working on a 2300AD game on Foundry VTT, and working up all the equipment, armor, and weapons that my Marine merry-makers will need to combat the Kafer on Aurore.


isnt the drachentruppen battle suit full body armour, it isn’t vacuum sealed but there is a combat vac suit in core as well, other than that it would be inertial armour paired with its rigid counterparts plus a helmet to make your full combat gear weighing 20kg