yet another fighter proposal :)


Under the current rules fighters are way under powered ,just fluff someone once said. The justification for this commented upon by many here is that ACtA is a ship to ship combat game and fighters should play a minor role.

Whilst this is true to a certain extent I would point out that ACtA is a B5 ship to ship combat game and that in the B5 universe fighters clearly played a important role (If they didn’t why did nearly race including the Shadows and Vorlons use them in such numbers)

Currently fighters are virtually useless and certainly not worth fielding in significant numbers .This is simply not B5.

I have what I hope is a simple solution that doesn’t mess with the existing rules doesn’t need extra book keeping and doesn’t take up much time.

Of course I may be totally wrong :) probably are but hear goes.

1. At the beginning of the attack phase count up all fighter flights that are a, not in a dogfight and b within 20 of an enemy capital ship.
2. If one side has twice the number of fighters than there opponent that side is said to have ‘fighter supremacy’
3. If one side has 4 times the number of fighters than there opponent and at least 2 flights for each opposing capital ship that side is said to have ‘space control’
4. The effects of fighter supremacy and space control last until the start of the next attack phase.
5. A side with fighter supremacy has the following effect. +2 to Initiative role
6. A side with space control has the following effects
a) +3 Initiative
b) -1 on all stealth roles
c) all that’s sides fighters fire first (including dogfight roles) IN THE NEXT attack phase assuming they still qualify for space control.

6c means you have to qualify for space control at the beginning of 2 consecutive attack phases .

Anyways on with the foil hat …whatcha think :)
It does seem too procedural, each individual step may be simple but there are too many of them- and that's a whacking great initiative bonus, that seems way out of proportion with what you have to do to get it.
What's the logic behind that? Initiative and fighters aren't a natural connection anyway.