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Banded Mongoose
Lucky 13 - Double Giveaway!

Our little group of Traveller enthusiasts at Traveller RPG Headquarters on FB has just turned 2 years old and we are nearing 1300 members.

To celebrate this milestone, we will be giving away TWO prizes: one will go to Member #1300, and one will go to one of our existing group members (chosen randomly - sorry, the staff is disqualified from prizes).

If a winner already has a copy of a prize title, they can opt to leave it in the Prize Pool for a secondary drawing.

Winners have 14 days to claim their prizes.
Unclaimed prizes will go back into the Prize Pool.


Each Prize Pack Will Contain:
Traveller Starter Set (Boxed Set) - Mongoose Publishing

Earth Sector - Independence Games

These Stars Are Ours: Core Rules - Stellagama Publishing

Class E Starports - Moon Toad Publishing

MODES: Object Quality System - Verdigris Press

Ship Deck for Traveller CCG (Card Deck) - Horizon Games

El Cheapo Minis Vols 1-12 - El Cheapo Products

The Relic (Requires a Free Roll20 Account) - CyborgPrime Games

Sci-fi Starter Pack - CyborgPrime Games

One Free Movie Download - CheesyFlix

More to come! Check here for prize updates:
Traveller RPG Headquarters