Will you buy the Drakh Fleetbox?

Will you buy the Drakh Fleetbox?

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I actually LIKE the drakh minis but Im not intending on playing them any time soon (4 Fleets is enough for now and I intend to get a Centauri and Narn ones before starting on more obscure races :p)
I plan to get it. This'll give me two fleets. The Narn and the Drakh. Granted I'll be in better shape with the Drakh but I'll have the Narn caught up soon enough(I've been buying Narn ships individually). Of course I don't plan on getting it until late July. Too many things I'm getting in June and early July first.
I need to playtest them before I commit. I like the fleet concept, but worry that some ships rule hard, and other ships are just wastes of space and time.
In playing with the Drakh, most ships perform well once you get used to them although there are definitely patterns to follow and to avoid depending on the Priority Level.

Personally I'm not getting the fleet boxed set because I already have most of my Drakh fleet :)
no, because they're not my style...if I were to collect another fleet besides EA it would either be Narn, or ISA...

Had it preordered for weeks.

Gonna be my first ACTA minis i've got.

I quite like the minis and i love the idea of the Drakh. That and they don't play too bad in the game.
Since, as you may have heard, I only use Fleet Action minis, I won't be picking up these honkin' great things! I didn't vote though, since I don't buy ANY Mongoose minis except fighters (sorry Mongooses!)

Which reminds me, I said I'd post pics of my Drakh substitute fleet...

I voted for yes, since I´m pretty sure I will. I was thinking about starting either a new ISA or Drakh Fleet, and the ISA was a little more appealing (with the miniatures to be released in Armageddon and all), but then I had a nice idea of a colour scheme I just HAVE to test on the Drakh ships ,their flat surfaces being perfect for it (and I love their background, too!), so I guess it´s going to be them.

I´m just waiting for the answer of a german online shop whether or not they already have the Drakh on stock.

Well, I could always get both ISA AND Drakh, of course... who has to eat, when he can buy B5 ships instead of food??? :wink:
I voted yes as I have every other fleet. I am not in a hurry but their is no doubt that I will get eventually.
Played around with the drakh last night and I must say they were quite fun actually. I might think about getting them sometime :)
Locutus9956 said:
Played around with the drakh last night and I must say they were quite fun actually. I might think about getting them sometime :)

Well, how DO they play? Now that I´ve ordered my fleet book, I´m really looking forward to using them in a game...
Theyre very interesting. Very nasty weaponry but not in large quanitites per ship (or range). Theyre very fast and agile and you can field a nice swarm of them. Individually their ships are quite fragile and rather vulnerable to big beam hits though I must say the Gravitic Energy Grids (even the 1 point of it on the smaller ships) is ALOT more effective than Id givent them credit for. The best description I can think of in play style is sort of a cross between ISA and Drazi. Lots of swarmy ships but they feel sort of whitestarish, being able to take more damage than you think they might and few, but nasty weapons.

I played a couple of test games in Vassal (I added them into the mod) against myself (yes I'm sad but I get bored sometimes :p) both at 5 point raid with the following drakh fleet:

1 Carrier (carrying 4 Light Raiders against the ISA and 4 Heavy Raiders against the EA)
4 Raiders
3 Scouts

The first game was against 5 Whitestars and was brutal, ending up with all the Whitestars destroyed, and only 2 Drakh scouts and 4 flights of Nials left on the table. It was a reasonable win for the ISA on victory points.

The second was against 3 Chronos and 1 Apollo and was again fairly brutal but without their intercepors for the most part the drakh weaponry was simply too much for the EA who were wiped out for the loss of 3 heavy raiders (though the rest of the drakh fleet had take quite a bit of damage and one ship had lost its weapons permanently).

All in all the Drakh seem to be rather fun to play (and well balanced too) though I'm not sure how well theyll fair against a 'big beam' fleet like Minbari, Centauri or the First Ones. (Though they should do ok against Vorlons as they have a HUGE manuever advantage in this case)
Sounds nice; I´ve been looking for a fleet which uses packs of ships, and I now have an image inside my head of a swarm of Raiders...yup, definitely getting the box! :D