Aramis The Traveller Adventure


Emperor Mongoose
Many moons ago Mongoose produced this, but the printed book suffered a "printing formatting error".

To make up for this the book was reduced in price and a free download of the corrupted deckplans made available.

I looked on Amazon yesterday and you can still buy brand new copies of this book, but the free deckplans are no longer available.


If I buy the book on Amazon is there any way to get the deckplans?

Note - this doesn't really matter to me since I have the pdf version and downloaded the deckplans years ago, just wondered what would happen if someone bought the book (by the way if Mongoose still has any in stock you may want to take a look at how much they are going for on Amazon :) )
Update it and redo please.

The 1e version has more issues than the deck plans. Many of the skills and tasks were not revised for 1e MgT.

As many have said before the opening scenario is unbelievable - it needs to be re-written.

There's a lot of new fluff you could put in it to prompt people to purchase it again.

Not to mention there are likely to be a lot of new players and referees who do not have either the original Traveller Adventure or Aramis in print.

1- remember me suggesting additional versions of Explorer's Edition? Do a version that concentrates on Merchants and trade. This can tie in with the new version of Aramis.
2 - use the new version of Aramis to provide expanded trading rules, info on trade wars and megacorportations, that sort of thing.
3 - you could have a range of new one off or linked scenarios set within the Aramis subsector.
I will say that I strongly feel like MgT badly needs something that helps groups run a fun merchant adventurer campaign. A new, expanded The Traveller Adventure is the obvious place to start. Personally, I would love to see a full on "Merchants of Aramis" product line along the same line as Pirates of Drinax. Whether that's a full kickstarted pack like PoD or a series of books like an updated The Traveller Adventure and a more practical, non GURPS version of Far Trader, with additional adventures is a business thing I'm sure you have better info than I do.

But something that showcases trader-adventurer sandboxes and how to use the trade rules in way that is fun, keeps the focus on adventuring, and seems worthwhile without making the players crazy rich to easily. Both subsidized merchanting (like TTA) and more general free trader operations. In other words, more than just one adventure. :D

I don't think you should only do adventures. But I would definitely put adventures and sourcebooks like Imperial Navy above more sector books at this point, personally. You know what sells and what doesn't, but I can say that the chances of a new sector book actually being used by me is really low. It's value is just as something (hopefully) fun to read.
“Merchants of Aramis” does sound like a grand idea. Great opportunity to explore border trade into and from the Extents, Oberlindes merchant cruisers, trade runs up to Triad and back and all the little Vargr poilities and corsair bands in the region. Could also be a good hook into the early stages of the Fifth Frontier War with Zhodani agitators covertly recruiting Corsair bands along the border.

I like. +1
Some additional thoughts on merchant adventuring in Traveller. Whether it is classic novels like the Polesotechnic League and Chanur series, games like Merchant of Venus & Rogue Trader, or tv shows like Firefly, it is a pretty popular trope and should be right in Traveller's wheelhouse. And Traveller traditionally acts like it is. But in practice they have always treated it as a sort of default situation that everyone knows how to run. So additional material on how to do star mercs, how to do Lt. Leary/Honor Harrington, how to do pirates, etc gets published. But trading is pretty neglected.

Merchant Prince and GURPS Far Trader are pretty high level background with little or no practical how to actually run a campaign at the PCs and their ship level. And this is a question that I"ve seen hundreds of times in the 40+ years I've been running Traveller. So it is not nearly as obvious as it has been treated.

And when you look at the very few adventures published related directly to merchant adventuring,.... Leviathan and Skandersvik both have the PCs as crew on someone else's large merchant cruiser. The adventures make sure the players have local autonomy, but they aren't actually in charge and the NPCs are primarily responsible for the actual trade related stuff.

Which leaves us with The Traveller Adventure. It is a pretty good sourcebook, despite the first two adventures being problematic. But even there, you are putting the the PCs in a situation that doesn't arise naturally from character creation. They are crew of a fat trader with a subsidy in place. A subsidy that turns into a patron situation later on when a major NPC buys out their contract. The structure of the subsidy (prior to the patron buyout) is pretty interesting, but it doesn't flow out of anything that would normally happen creating characters.

The thing is that Traveller is a game about adventurers. And if you look at the fiction like Chanur and Firefly, that's about people who are nominally merchants getting into pretty traditional adventures with the merchanting being the hook, not the main activity. What Traveller desperately needs, imho, is a how to run merchant campaigns product line that:

1) Offers a variety of ways for the players to finance their ship: subsidies, break even handwavium, space trucker, speculation and smuggling, etc
2) Rules and advice on how to do all of the above in a way that is FUN and puts the focus on how that turns into adventures.
3) Example adventures and mini campaigns (like TTA) that actually acknowledge that the PCs are merchants who get into trouble, not freelancers for hire who happen to have their own transport. The latter is a fine campaign style, but it is a different one.
4) Includes some stuff on how to integrate some merchant stuff when the PCs' main ship is non a merchant ship (lab ship, safari ship, yacht) that isn't just "roll on some tables".
5) Different types of trading campaigns: free traders, trade pioneering (mixing merchanting with exploring), building a trade "empire", etc

Traveller's current support for merchanting is basically just some tables to roll on. Tables that generally are pretty easy to turn into excessive profits. What it lacks is advice on how the referee uses those tables to generate adventures and how to introduce trade related complications like competition, corruption, unexpected expenses, and all the things that keep those profits in line IRL. Without the ref seeming like a killjoy who is stomping on the poor players who are just using the rules as written. :p

Sorry about the wall of text. But, as I said, this is a topic that I've seen brought up hundreds of times. And I'd really love to have answers besides "buy some stuff for other rules like Suns of Gold."
We have some of this coming up in the new Adventure Class Ships book...
I'm excited to read this. I'm currently planning out a campaign in the Rifts sector, and trying to figure out the best way to handle starship costs without needing a spreadsheet (I do enough of that at work!).
Thirded. I am currently starting the Traveller Adventure and have just (with a lot of rework) got past the original setup adventure.

Also, for interest, the new comic book is based in the Aramis subsector, I believe.
You probably noticed this, but the 2nd adventure/situation is about getting the PCs de-mountable fuel tanks so they can have Jump 2 (or, rather, 2 x Jump 1). There's better options available now, like Fuel/Cargo modules and Inflatable Fuel Tanks. So you don't have all the problems associated with the de-mountable tanks.
I am sticking with the "players need to go with what is available" scarcity, for the start at least, before the inevitable exponential growth of the ship fund.

Collapsible tanks are cheaper than the cargo mountable tanks but it seems to be implicit that they need to be part of the ship design.
I'd have to look at that specifically. I am not sure why you could install and uninstall hard shell fuel tanks but not soft shelled ones, but it might be the case.

De-mountable tanks are substantially more limiting than the other options, which may or may not be what you want. If the tank is installed, you can't put cargo in there. And once you take them out and store them to get your full cargo space back, they are gone until your players can get back to that planet. Which means they are functionally a permanent modification to your ship, because the costs in time and money involved in uninstalling, storing, and re-installing are rarely going to be worth it.
I'd have to look at that specifically. I am not sure why you could install and uninstall hard shell fuel tanks but not soft shelled ones, but it might be the case.
It depends how they are implemented. Given the difficulty of containing liquid hydrogen I would expect a sliding dividing wall and floor ceiling covers fro the cargo rather than flexible bladders.

But as I say the collapsible tanks are actually cheaper which tracks with them being an option to the design cost rather than a separate additional component as the demountable tanks are.
Redoing the Traveller Adventure / Aramis sounds cool.

But, what I'd personally like is a sandbox campaign of the scale of Pirates of Drinax BUT NOT where the characters are expected to be doing illegal actions.

I know people may mention the Deepnight campaign but the whole thing costs way more than Pirates, I think I worked out it would be almost £282 for the physical copies compared to Pirates which is only £100.

Some may also mention the Secrets of the Ancients book but I've read that it's more linear than sandbox.

So, redoing The Traveller Adventure sounds cool......but I guess it won't be done for a while
Here is how I would do a boxed set with kickstarter potential and room for expansion
Merchants of Aramis (great title, credit to Vormaerin)
Book 1 - Worlds and people of interest, Bu and Embla's guide to starports of Aramis (a potential expansion book)
Book 2 - Merchant operations - to include the various types of merchant line, megacorporation (scope for an expansion book right there), tradewars, and of course Vargr corsairs
Book 3 - The Traveller Adventure - the campaign, patrons, short adventures 9scope for further adventures and adventure supplements).
A map of the subsector, important worlds, deckplans
Poster map! Aramis subsector in the middle, portions of the Extents, Deneb, the Marches. A look at the porous nature of the borders.
I like the small maps in the marches adventures hardback but even they are superfluous as you have the Traveller Map. Boxed sets can be expensive and you end up getting things you don't want or need.

All I would want from Aramis is the adventure / campaign rewritten in an order that works for a GM. Not a supplement with loads of waffle. Just the facts in a kind of shorthand that is easy to reference when you are actually GMing the adventure.