Will New Order books be reprinted or part of an RPG book?



I look at the outrageous prices of these books, #21-28 on Ebay and though I'm willing to shell out a little money, the idea of throwing down so much on them scares me when I think that they may one day soon be re-printed or offered as part of Mongoose's RPG system.

Does anyone at Mongoose or another insider know about how this is progressing or are we going to be in limbo with the NEw Order(and the never printed 28-32) forever?
It may have already been discussed elsewhere, but I know what would sell to every hard core lone wolf fan. Completing Books 29-32 of the New Order Series, in some way. While the purist in me would prefer gamebooks, I know that I would buy a scenario or adventure that filled in the gap at the end of the series.

Does Mongoose have any intentions of doing this?

If they did, would you buy it and what form would you like to see it in?
If Mongose ever decided to reprint any of the Lone Wolf game books, especially the New Order series, I'd buy them without any hesitation! :!:

If Mr. Dever ever decided to publish the unfinished series, I'd also buy them up in an instant.

Here's a formal request for Mongoose to consider such a move. Perhaps a poll or something: 1) Would you buy the reprinted series? 2) Would you buy the reprinted New Order books? 3) Would you buy the new books? 4) Would you not buy any, they're a waste of time.

I'm not sure the costs of printing books, but I'd wager there's enough market for them, with the success of the RPG.

If it'd help, I'd happily buy them if they were printed to "Pocket Players Handbook/ACTA Rules Supplement" format instead of standard paperbacks - I'm guessing it'll cost Mongoose more to change their standard printing format.
Don't know how much pull Mongoose still has with Joe, but seriously, with all the print-on-demand resources now, he could pull this off. If Joe is looking to score big like he did when he had a bidding war over Flight from the Dark, he may never print 28-32 or even reprint 21-28.

But, MAYBE, if he could get a video game made(not the volunteer project at lonewolfonline) he would proceed with that...don't know.

But man, I'd love to see that happen and I'd love to see some real games come from his franchise like you see with the much lamer world of warcraft.
The Volunteer Project at Lonewolf-online has Joe Dever's full support.

And what exactly do you consider a "real game" Ghost of Landar.
By "real game" I mean a game that has the support of resources and staff like what Warcraft has with Blizzard. I'm not even saying it has to go through a major publisher, but a volunteer basis game is not going to have the polish that something like WoW or Total War does.

I think Lone Wolf's universe deserves big-budget and high-QUALITY productions. The Lone Wolf Online will probably be quality, but the resources will be stretched.

I do plan on submitting my name for background/story design, though.
And one other thing, as valiant an effort as can be made by the online volunteer project with Lone Wolf-Online, that's just one game.

I'm thinking of a series of games, with different designs that really capitalize on the depth of Joe's creations. So a MMORPG would be just ONE facet of this enterprise.

To have multiple games would require more significant backing, I think.

No offense intended by previous remarks.
I'd definitely buy them. I'm waiting for the day that all LW books are republished (not just the unpublished ones).
I hope I have a decent job by then, though :)

And about the game, I'm not that interested in MMO's. I doubt I'd be able to play a graphical MMO anyway due to how much bandwidth still sucks in South Africa. :evil:

I think a single player RPG game would be brilliant. I'm all for that. Maybe a single game that covers the Kai series (first 5 books) separated into in-game books which you complete, and perhaps using the LWRPG ruleset.
I already have my name down for Background/Setting Design, If no Offense was intended than I will take no offense.

Look forward to seeing you on the team Ghost.
Ghost of Landar said:
I think Lone Wolf's universe deserves big-budget and high-QUALITY productions. The Lone Wolf Online will probably be quality, but the resources will be stretched.

You have seen the screen shots haven't you? The graphics are good, so this project might not be as bad as you think it is. After all, look at the success of City of Heroes.
With Mongoose's new B5 novel announcement, this gives them a good foothold in the non-RPG-book-printing business.... this means logistically they shouldn't have any problems printing LW books (reprints and new) if a) they wanted to and b) they could get the rights to do it.... :)
That would be awesome. It would be such a fitting gem in their crown if they could attain the rights to do so. Wow.

And if they reprint those, what to stop new LW novels that don't follow the storyline? I for one would eagerly write up a novel and submit it, because that's much more in my talents than writing a module like DoD.

KL, who really should finish books 2 and 3 of his trilogy first, though