Why isn't there a knight core class in Conan?


He-- and most people who abuse line-by-line --aren't even replying to any questions in their quoting. It mostly consists of delivering one-line zingers that the poster thinks sounds clever, or anally responding to even the most insignificant portions of the original text.

You forgot to add "IMHO", right ?

Someone who actually wants to communicate can usually do so effectively by condensing the gist of thier replies into something short and sweet.

Your assumption only proves true if a large block of text can be boiled down into something smaller without losing the ability to answer all of the questions.

Frankly, I really dislike shoddy, incomplete responses by people who try to cram too many concepts into a single sentence or two when responding to a large body of text. IMHO, something inevitably gets lost in the shuffle.

So please, anyone who wants to use line by line, please do continue.

Mad Dog