Whispers on the Abyss - on PDF & Pre-Order

Just finished skimming the adventure and I definitely agree with Alex. If this doesn't tie into the Fifth Frontier War products I will be surprised. I'm betting the various NPCs/groups you interact with will show up again (and if I can they will in my game) and how they feel about my group will influence how they react towards them. Actions have consequences and stupidity leads to character creation. :eek:
Traveller the Musical should be a thing. For some reason now I want to make a Traveller group based off of Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers (if you haven't seen the movie you should!).
I'm going to run this with our group but a pertinent question. When it is done is there a sequel? As a GM I need to know whether to move the players on to other things, or tie into such.
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You know how Deepnight Endeavour is related to Deepnight Revelation without being a direct prequel? That is the impression I have of this product and some forthcoming 2024 products.
I am not expecting it to be like Mysteries+Secrets+Wrath, if that's what is meant by "sequel". As I said before, it seems more like Deepnight Endeavour vs Deepnight Revelation. They are related. They are not directly linked. Revelation does not expect you to have played Endeavour, though if you have you can take advantage of that.

I'm assuming they actually own the module if they have decided to run it. So they know what it endstate is and that that is related to books on the forthcoming list.