Where's the generic Love?

Dark Voivode

This is my first post here (I believe it is, I belong to too many boards lately), so hello everyone. My main beef here is seeing nothing done with the generic material for d20 fantasy. Initially, the material was prolific and hard to keep up with. Now, I'm almost out of stuff to buy from Mongoose and that saddens me greatly.

The material is always well written and seems to be done by people who love the game. That's what's kept me seeking out the Mongoose name over and over. I've been going out of my way to hunt down out of print material so that I can have it on hand.

I have no interest in any of the licenses you've acquired. Maybe that's where I stand apart from the majority of people here. I think the Quintessential Half-Orc was a masterpiece and couldn't care less about Conan. I'm a hardcore fantasy fan, so all the future and space stuff doesn't interest me in the slightest.

I'm interested in finding out the future of the generic stuff. Is there going to be a second Encyclopaedia Arcane Compendium? Will the Slayer's Guides be bound up into a nice little package like that as well? How about the original Quintessential Series and the City books? Can we expect a hardbound edition of these as well or are you essentially done with your generic material?

Thanks for your patience with a vocal minority.
Hardback compilations of the SGs and EAs are coming (the first later this year) and we have quite a few titles in the Complete Campaigns line. We looked at doing compilations of the Quints, but I do not think that is likely.
from what ive heard the generic D20 system is being droped by a few companies now due to wizzyz change and greed for the licence on it...

i could be wrong..but thats what ive been told out side of the industrie
They can still use the SRD document which is fully OGL, for 3rd or 3.5 games. But then if you use OGL, no need to have a PHB from WotC.

Mr. Sprange is Macho Women with Gun's going to be reprinted in a Hard Cover rulebook.Or is it going to be in the 99 page pdf file? I hope you will have some Hard Book copies for sale at Gencon Indy 2007? if you're going to be there this August 16-19 2007. Thank you Pigking 8)
I guess as a guy who has spent a lot of money on RPG books, I have to ask, what is there to print?

How many books about half-orcs or mages or witches or dragons does one guy need?

Maybe I should post this on the "What should Mongoose publish next" forum, but there are a few things I'd really like to see:

1. A good science fiction adventure arc. Something like Witchfire Trilogy or Drow War, but for science fiction characters. I'd buy that up on sight.

2. A good treatment of some creature type that has not been done half a dozen times before. There are so many books out on Drow, who needs another one? But if they had a book out on Centaurs, or Lamia, I'd buy it.

Myself, it's been a while since I've run any game in any system.
A generic disadvantage book with disadvantages for future-sci fi-fantasy-horror genre-would be perfect for MWWG which has different time periods-dimensions coming together. Also Occupations book for different genre's. PIGKING-KING OF ALL UNDEAD ZOMBIE PIGGY'S EVERYWHERE :mrgreen: