Where o' where are all the US Players???

Mad Scot

Something I've noticed whilst parusing thru the posts on this forum, is the locations of where the person resides. Most of which are located either in the UK or Europe. Not very many (or very many who will admit it) are located in the US.

My question then is this...
Where o' where are all the US players???

Is it due to the lack of company direct support in the US. Or the fact that the company is located in the UK. What???

I've been seriously thinkin of emigratin back just so I can play this bloody game.
Sounds extreme I know, & I'm kidding of course. Is there anyone in the States that even play? I 've tried generating interest locally but the response seems the same. "I'm already buried in _________." (fill in the blank)"& yeah it looks cool but..."

So here it is...
If yer in the States, speak up here.
indicate the city & state in which you reside in please.


Cosmic Mongoose
Gauntlet- said:
well im state side in RI, and there are active players that i know of in New England

Gauntlet, "New England" doesn't count, 'cuz it's got "England" in the name :lol: . J/K. Really that's part of Mad Scot's answer: the U.S. is a great deal more spread out than the UK and even Europe. You mostly need to be close to a metropolitan area to get a descent club going. There are exceptions of course, but I'm speaking in general terms. For instance, I'm an hour driving from Portland, Oregon and it's about 2.5 hours to Seattle Washington where I go to a regional convention each year (Dragonflight, for over 20 yrs.). Portland has had a con the past 7 years, and it's slowly growing. There are also more cons that have shown up the last several years, but all this is just mentioning a long weekend and not a regular weekly group (or more). Anyway, it's not all bad news Mad Scot, because many of the U.S. Mongoose customer base probably don't hang around here; they're probably off tossing dice somewhere, heh. :wink:


Actually, there are more NA players registered in the player locator than UK or europe. You just don't see us as much because we're not post whores :p


There are 3 of us in our regular gaming group. We meet up every 2 weeks.
We are located in Central Ohio.

We plan on meeting up with Stratos and LtBillyC every month or every other month .

I know of another 2 in the area as well. That makes 7 in the Central Ohio area. :)

These are just the people in my sphere of influence. There are bound to be quite a few otheres that I don't know about.


DC Area with 1 other active player... there's another one up near DC proper, and a third all the way in Richmond (he goes to some crappy school down there... and like Macs).


Theres several of us here in Iowa, playing weekly. I know of at least one other Iowa player outside our area too, and if I remeber right I met one of his opponents.

I agree that we just post less then some of the UK guys :).

Lt. BillyC

The US guys just aren't posting much. There really isn't much to respond too.

It is just hard to find players for this game and now with the announcement of SST:E you aren't going to see any new players for a while.

I think if you get some players to play the game or two you can get them hooked. The current game is SOOOO much FUN! Nothing beats, a 3000pt+ SST Army, a good friend, cool Terrain and free time to play Starship Troopers the Miniature Game.


Atlanta, GA here, and as far as I know, the only "regular" SST player in a city of 3+ million.

While there are several gaming groups, many of whom have shown passing interest, none are really into SST. Despite a lot of positive feedback from demo games, discussions, it all came back to the old "not enough variety" arguement.

I was really hoping the introduction of the Skinnies and Forth would draw in some of these "on the fence" players; I now hope SST: Evo will have an effect.

In the meantime, I continue to build up my forces, fortify my defenses, and consolidate my power base. When the war begins, I'll be ready. :D
Hiromoon said:
DC Area with 1 other active player... there's another one up near DC proper, and a third all the way in Richmond (he goes to some crappy school down there... and like Macs).

There are 5 or so sitting around talking about playing. Every time I schedule a game night, it seems it Hiromoon, one other he brings up, myself and the owner of Eagle and Empire end up being the only ones playing. I know that there is one gent who has built an Exo Suit platoon and is waiting for a game night or game day. I'm hoping with the new store, inclusive of more gaming space and better hours, that SST will become more popular.


Aurora CO. a suburb of Denver. The FLGS is Attactix (303) 699-3349. I have a good core group of 4 players. We play on Fridays and some Mondays.

Bubba Ho-Tep

Frankfory, Kentucky checking in. I just introduced my gaming group to SST & B5 ACTA this past friday, so there are now 6 of us here, including my son. Although at current, I am the only one with SST stuff.


I'm the last one left in Pittsburgh, PA (at one time we were up to nearly 5).

The game is pretty much just a memory around here. :(


I'm in Longmont, CO (about an hour away from Attactix). I'm not playing yet, though. However, no time for painting + announcement of pre-painted figures = I will soon. Or at least, I'll pick up more figures (I've got the boxed set, still unassembled) and have a go at it. Probably the kiss of death: if I like a game, it's pretty much guaranteed no one will want to play... :(