Where is the Ranged Finesse feat?

Sir Hackalot

Just noticed in the Excel Conan generator that it has a Ranged finesse feat. Can someone tell me what book that feat is in? Can you tell me anything about it?
I suggested this feat for one of my players, as he is an archer from the Nadir Steppes (different background).

But then I read it, and it is completely useless. The chances of you pulling off a ranged finesse are minimal. It takes far far too long to lie up a shot, and the restrictions on the location of the target and how much he moves make it silly.

The chracter must start in 30ft and mot move more than 30ft distance AND not move out of the 30ft range.
So pretty much any standard move will screw it up then.

I was thinking of offering it to my players but with FULL ROUND ACTION changed to MOVE ACTION.
So they can now choose to finesse OR multi attack.