What should my friend do?


A friend of mine who plays with another GM made a portfolio roll for her Pc Cr 50,000,000 Hunting Estate that nets her Pc Cr 500,000 A month rolled 2 double 6's in A row which should have raised by +120% to A Cr 120,000,000 Hunting Estate that nets her Pc Cr 600,000 A month

But although this is the first time I've ever genuinely seen someone else roll 2 double 6's in A row her GM made her reroll it as he/The GM refuses to believe it and even worse is that on the reroll she rolled a double 1 then A 7, which means it drops by -70% to A Cr 15,000,000 Hunting Estate that nets her Pc Cr 7,500 A month. So what do you think that my friend should do?
Do you believe your friend? It will affect how we deal with this.

But why does the game allow us to generate such a stressful situation and drive a wedge between friends? If Mongoose were EA they could send you approved and certified dice rolls for a small payment. Your GM would then send a coupon back showing the rolls had been used, and we would not be in this problematic situation.
ShawnDriscoll said:
Have any of your friends been helped by your posts here?

To be truthful they say that they have been but they might not have as they are the type to lie if they think that the truth will hurt other peoples feelings or upset them or both
Does anyone in your group play anything other than a Dilettante? Aside from your 'I had a dream about a convoluted Traveller concept' posts a lot of your posts deal in the issues arising when players have massive portfolios.

If a player is earning 600,000 a month why are they traipsing around the galaxy risking their life? Unless the GM has some high powered reason why a super rich citizen cannot hire mercenaries to solve life's problems the adventures as published mean very little to the player.

The same folks take the time to explain this post after post after post that you put up. The author of the Drinax campaign you have run over and over again has told you that you have distorted the game so much it has gone beyond anything he has written, and here you are again asking about another multi-millionaire character.

But to give you an answer, your friend either accepts the limitations the GM imposes and plays gracefully, or he drops the character and makes something new. To make a suggestion for game balance and playability, try something that does not have a portfolio. Put away any character concept that has a portfolio, or hunting lodges, or passive income and estates. Make a simple character who cannot just buy their way out of anything. It will make for a more enjoyable campaign for everyone else.

Or try backgammon as ochd. That may be easier and more fun. Fewer lies likely needed.
I have said this before, but if that character is legitimately rolled, it should probably be allowed. However, it’s something that needs to be discussed in the gaming group and isn’t particularly easy to answer without talking to the group.

A group is a collaborate effort between all the players and the GM, all of which should ideally agree. When RPGs were first invented GMs were encouraged to do anything they wanted but years of experience have shown us that this often leads to players finding a new group.
I know I went through this phase.

If random character generation isn't working out, implement a points system.

Either you're a very experienced, well equipped ex special forces operator, or a paraplegic multi billionaire.

Or you erect maximums in terms of equipment inventory and operating capital.
Take whichever book has those ridiculous portfolio rules in them and throw it in the bin.

Now generate characters using the core rulebook as per the written instructions. Generate a few characters, pick the one you want to play and have fun.
What Hunting Estate nets Cr 500,000 a month? Is there no staff working the estate? How much you paying the mercenary or security group to keep poachers from taking those animals, such as the rare Gazinilla from a far secret planet you imported at great expense, so highfalutin nobles pay you to hunt them?

Now to be fair, perhaps he and his friends want to play rich bitches and brats to go about spending gobs of money and look down at those poor people having to work for a living. They attend each others' extravagant parties and hunting expeditions, play grandiose scavenger hunts (see early part of the movie My Man Godfrey, IMO 1936 version is best; for a Traveller version replace Godfrey with a Vargr or Aslan and watch the *ahem* fur fly :D), go on gaudy shopping sprees and only wear those clothes once... pretend living the life of the supremely wealthy in a very high tech future utopia (to the rich anyway). War? That's for the masses to suffer from; wealthy people paid off the admirals and generals to keep the war far from their fun.