What races can we play?



What races are we going to be allowed to play in Lone Wolf? I've heard much talk about classes. But what about races? Any Mongoose guys willing to weigh in on this? Is it just going to be humans? Maybe dwarves?

I think that races are tied to class are in fact classes much like the very early D&D. So in the first book you could play a Dwarven Gunner Of Bor, that you may be able to multiclass. Someone please corect me if I'm wrong.
You are not wrong. Because the world of Magnamund very closely ties what a person doe to what race he or she is, we have opted for the same approach to classes. It does give a very original D&D feel to the game as well as staying true to the way Dever envisioned and presented his world.


PS: Now that said, there is NOTHING to keep a group of players and their Games Master from using races from any gaming source and using them with the Lone Wolf material. Enjoy.
and don´t forget the blue box too

about races: "cultural human races" would be great just like in the conan rpg
I had surmised this, but hey, now that it is out in the open, I have to admit that I actually like the decision. I was just looking over the DnD Rules Cyclopedia tonight, reminiscing on days almost forgotten when I would stay up all night, playing a level 36 Fighter Mage named (yes) GreyStar, playing for a week straight during spring break, rolling dice sleep deprived, and proclaiming obtuse things like "2 points of damage" when requested for a Ability Check....

Ah, to be young and not give a damn again...

alas, I digress... again....