Is Cepheus Universal where we are heading?

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When I posted my Premises threads, I was not trying to assert how to play Traveller, as a few seemed to think, but rather to simulate a conversation about how people want to play Traveller. I've been quite happy about the results, so thanks for that. But given the conversation so far, I'd like to use a specific example to continue.

Specifically, is the recently released Cepheus Universal (CU) ruleset pretty close to what we are looking for? I realize this is a Mongoose forum, so I'm not promoting a competing product. Rather, does that product represent the range of options most current players want, and therefore is it a guide for where Mongoose should go?

Clearly, this question is addressed towards people who have read the CU ruleset. My Traveller chassis continues to be MegaT, and I've co-opted much good new material from Mongoose and T5. And so it goes with CU: their wilderness crafting and expanded encounter rules are very useful.

So, if you have read the CU ruleset, to what degree is it a good/bad template for the future of MgT? I am very much interested in where it falls short, as this will suggest areas where Mongoose should concentrate.
For rules, I'm uninterested in following multiple versions of Traveller rules simultaneously. MgT2 is working well. I'm avoiding Cepheus and T5.
I understand, but this is not what I'm asking. CU fills in certain kinds of rules that older editions of Traveller did not. So does MgT2, for that matter. I'm asking should MgT2 (or 3 or whatever is next) fill in similar sorts of rules that CU does? Or should it do something different?
I’ve perused the rather extensive preview on DTRPG but I’ve not actually played the rule set. There are variations from MgT of course, for instance character creation; it’s more of a simplified point buy as opposed to random life path. It smacks of the Traveller Companion’s Background and Career packages to me.

I prefer MgT for char gen, the caveat being I’ve created D66 Event tables and 2D Mishap tables for the Core careers. So I don’t see a need for whatever niche CU is trying to fill with regards to char gen. It’s just a little quicker it seems.

And I think Mongoose, with things like the Companion and Naval sourcebook, are filling in niches that may not be covered by the Core rules. So I see no reason for Mongoose to change their direction with regards to Core rules, what they’ve got IMHO is the best Traveller rule set there is. I’d love to see a unified Combat Scale/Ranges/Design system - that works - but for now my house rules are working fine and everything else is pretty darn good.

This is not a slight to Zozer - I love quite a bit of Paul’s work and have many of his supplements. I just don’t see the need for CU. But more power to the third parties, options and alternatives are wonderful.
This thread made me go out and buy a copy of CU.
It's good quality work, but char gen is definitely not Traveller (well, GURPs-Traveller, maybe, but not Classic Traveller). And MgT is, at least to me, a more compelling rule set. But that's just my opinion...
Well I would argue that Mongoose Traveller is already going the way of a universal game engine when the 2300AD was released and using the core book to do things like combat resolution, char gen, and world building (including vehicles, planets, and colonies).

That said Cepheus was already attempting to be a universal system when the SRD was initially released how many years ago? I know Zozer has used the original Cepheus Engine to create a Modern War supplement (which probably could easily replicate a certain game about post-WW3 life at the turn of the 21st century), that someone else had using the same SRD had created a western game, plus Zozer themselves had created as 2300AD clone that also from what I have seen has a couple of scenarios which have an Alien/Aliens feel as well.
I think basically recreating Cepheus Engine without any of the OGL issues inherent to the original release (which is why they created CU IIRC), and it allows folks to create more worlds or ways to have fun using the 2D6 engines. Then I think this would be awesome.
Personally, I like Cepheus and Cepheus Deluxe because it feels very much like MgT1 and something else blended. There is enough other worlds that can be used like stuff from Independence Games, if I don't want to do Cepheus background (which is already agnostic if i remember the rules). It is also relatively easy to run and something that I can get some kids in my family or at my FLGS into a quick sci-fi game pretty fast. My regular gaming group likes it as something that if we do a one shot with or a short adventure then it allows us. Also if I wanted to it isn't that hard to bring in original CT adventures or 3PP adventures that have the feel of CT or MgT1.
Traveller was originally intended for you to make up your own universe.
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1e Mongoose was a lot more like CT in that it was a little more generic that just tied to the Third Imperium.
2e MgT is so entrenched in the Third Imperium that the authors of the 2e Third Imperium books have brought non-OTU technology from MgT CRB into the Third Imperium.
The vast majority of the 2e line is Third Imperium.

To make 3e MgT generic in the way CEU is

the 3e MgT CRB should provide all the rules for all the settings, the ship building book should include HG and AEH plus other options, there should be one system generation sequence, that sort of thing.

I would cherry pick from the Third Imperium and 2300AD lines and add more options for people who want to make their own settings.

CRB, setting books, technology book, sector building book
I think there is room for both approaches. MgT is a more "complete" ruleset, but CE is lighter. It also has a retro "Classic Traveller" feel. MgT has the OTU and 2300 AD settings, but CE is more experimental. The two brands can coexist side by side and reinforce one another.
I have no problems in building building non Charted Space SF with Mongoose Traveller and then even running it with Savage Worlds.

I wish people like Zozer and Stellagamma were still inside the tent and working with Mongoose Traveller 2e since they do have some very good and interesting additions and alternatives.
Well, I think that's part of the point of the new "make your own stuff" license being called "Traveller Compatible". They are as compatible with MgT2e as 2300 or Pioneer or Mindjammer are.
I wish people like Zozer and Stellagamma were still inside the tent and working with Mongoose Traveller 2e since they do have some very good and interesting additions and alternatives.
I don't know they will come back into the tent unless they can retain full ownership of their original IP. Honestly...the current situation is OK. There are multiple licensing options for different purposes. And WoTC is unlikely to touch the OGL again for a while, so CE will stick around for those who want an arms-length option. In reality, having so many different approaches on thew table will strengthen the brand as a whole.