What mini's would you like to see?

I think I remember fatties from the GOMC-1 game. Don't see them on the Mongoose store just yet though.

If we're talking impossible minis, how about a dude suspended in a clear ball of BoingTM? 8) I've seen homemade Gelatinous Cubes on the internet though, so I guess a custom job isn't out of the question...
Thanks for the ideas guys, keep them coming. A few of these have certainly sparked my interest.

Some of these are ideas we are already discussing in addition to a number of other minis.
Now that you mention it, I don't think anyone's asked for Raptaurs yet. Should have extra cross-gaming appeal by the nature of being alien nasties.
This isn't a new mini idea exactly, but how about a Mutie Conversion Kit? A sprue with a few weird heads, some tentacles that would fit into arm sockets, wings, tails, goat legs etc... if the old Gangs of MC-1 Street Gang set were to be made available again, you could mix & match for an endless variety of freaks and weirdos. :)

Also, one of my all time favourite creeps was the vampire angel mutie who appeared in the Undercity at the end of just one Judge Anderson adventure. He didn't have any lines that I recall (apart from maybe "aargh" when Cass shot a few holes in him), but he was very cool. Can't remember the name of the story, but I do recall that it was illustrated by Arthur Ranson... anyone else remember that guy? Maybe it's silly asking for a mini to be made of a creep who made it through just a couple of pages of a short story... but I'd sure buy one! 8)
Love the suggestions so far from everyone. My top picks would be:

New Dark Judge minis
More Judges (especially females)
More generic gangers (Punks, Juves, Top Dogs)
Regular Citizens (love this idea!)

Can't wait for the next Mongoose mini update! Cross fingers that the Lawmasters are ready!!!! :)
there is a good opportunity here for the dark judges, especially as Wargames Foundry only make 3 - they didnt get round to casting their green of Judge Fear - so people who already bought them will have incomplete sets.

I bought most of WF 2000ad minis (christmas sale), and was impressed by their angel gang. Still, having another set in different poses will be good!

still hankering for the lawmasters, and as no one does these at the moment, could be a good sale. However, will I was told they will be coming, will they be based on the traditional comic strip bike, or more in line with the new Karl Urban version? I prefer the old myself!
I've still got 2 of the previous Mongoose Lawmasters to paint up yet!

I second the motion for Citi-Def.
also would like to see: Judge Exorcists and Wally squad Judges!!
Plastic vehicles - generic futuristic ones - cars, bikes etc, with maybe the odd Mo-pad.

H-Wagons, Pat Wagons and a Manta Prowl Tank...

More Skysurfers
Right now what i'd like to see is a couple of Punks with rifle/stump guns, some Mobsters, an Orang-Utan with a different weapon, and maybe a different Blitzer, i always think the current one looks more like a mob boss. I always liked the look of the Blitzer in GOMC1 rule book (from one of the comics), he looked really brutal, like the kind of hitman a mobster would hire to send a message to his rivals.

As far as anything new goes, maybe some where down the line a Cultist gang would be cool, like the ones from the Anderson story, The Possessed.
While i like the fact that theres so much in the works, and i do think a necromagus, skysurfer and klegg force will make the game more appealing as they are very unique to a sci-fi skirmish game (and the angel gang of course), I would like to see what's covered in the book be released.

At the moment there's no Rookie Judges, Punks, Juves, Mobsters, Blitzer, Orangutans, and only one Chimp. These are the core of their forces, and while the mercenaries add a lot of the comics character, you wont be using these half as much as the actual members of your gang (which is more personal i find)
I don't personally think gangers of various sorts should be a priority because there are many other scifi ganger miniatures out there and many people who are interested in a JD game prolly have some (or a lot like I do :mrgreen:). Angels I can understand as they are such an iconic bunch, even tho I wouldn't personally put too many personality models at the start of the to-sculpt list either.
I don't personally think gangers of various sorts should be a priority because there are many other scifi ganger miniatures out there and many people who are interested in a JD game prolly have some

While i'm guessing a lot of people here are already wargamers and probably have a lot of miniatures already, i know that myself and the group who have started playing have never played any wargames at all, except one who has some 40K miniatures he's using. I got into this game through the comic, which is my real interest, and it's just a shame to get into a game then seeing that the core miniatures you need don't exist.

I know there's plenty of other miniatures out there, but there's something about using the offical miniatures i like, especially as a new player and going to the offical website and seeing everything you need right there, also i'm not sure how much Mongoose would support people using miniatures from other companies when they are trying to push a new game.