What mini's would you like to see?


Not knowing what miniatures Mongoose has planned for future release, I was just wondering which ones everyone else would like to see?

My top picks would be:-

Dark Judges
Walter the Wobot
Judge Child
Angel Gang
Judge Cal
Sov Judges

There are hundreds to choose from I know, but what's everyone elses top picks?
Robot judges (the bigger sleeker versions they take on the ship with them).
More robots (multi-piece, perhaps even with interchangable parts).
More cursed earth mutants.
More generic gangers.
Some generic juves.
Couple of cadet judges.
Judge in battle armour.
btw Mongoose, do you have an official plan of upcomming minis? I understand you are re-releasing the Kleggs, and a Fattie is close, but will you be re-releasing all the previous stuff, or just selected?

gotta get that Lawmaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lots of Lawmasters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

seriously though, if the rules are free, then you can only make your profits on miniatures , which are excellent value for money at the moment. Does this then mean that you plan on releasing LOTS of minis for the game??
Lawmasters are coming :) We have a brand new model for the bike, but it is just getting some tweaks right now.

We have some models in development right now, and a list of what we would like to do (and we keep an eye on threads like this), but the number of models we do for Dredd depends very much on you chaps. If you like what we do and buy a lot, we will do a lot more! If not, the rate will be slower.
keep the prices that good and will buy LOTS!

why not put up a poll of some of your upcomming minis? that way we get to know whats comming, and you can get valuable feedback?

My generic wants are those characters that really make MC1 what it is, and would make good gangs:-

Scrawlers (in dredd v death they would use a lighter with the paint cans)
Fatties (i know they are comming)
more skysurfers (got one, need more!)
More futsies
Gila Munja

agree with the other posters about more robots, need lots of them. And gotta have a walter the wobot!

for me, and am sure for many others, half the fun is collecting and painting the miniatures, so you bring em out, and I will empty the bank!!!!!!
I love the business model of "free rule and reasonable priced minis".
My great complaint with that "Big Game Company" is they want half a weeks paycheck for their rule book then several months worth of paychecks before I have enough figures for a game.

Mongoose miniature games have always been great priced miniatures that either included the rules (mighty armies & original battlefile evolution) or the rules were low priced for great contant (BE: world at war, SST)

Due to income problems I currently game mostly in 20mm, but I have a large list of these Dredd minis I hope to get for my birthday in a couple months.
yea, its the money grabbers that annoy me!

The worst for me was WOTC, and their "booster" packs of random minis for Star Wars. Their original first print of the game included a scenario on the death star and required all the major heroes to play. I spent over 200 quid on the rebel storm set and still never managed to complete the collection, nor would wizards sell any seperate minis to help you complete it - but then, when people buy box after box in the hope of finding what they need, why would they?

This idea by mongoose is great - free rules, and I can buy what I want.

Looking forward to the new releases.

Incidentally, you can add Judda to my wants list!!!!!!!!!
Lots of great suggestions in this thread -- especially the Dark Judges! I'd also love to see the Sisters of Death and Judge Kraken (maybe both before and after his corruption in Necropolis?).

How about Detective Judge Armitage and Treasure Steel? A few generic Brit-Cit Judges as backup wouldn't hurt either... can't expect those two to clean up Brit-Cit on their own! :)

Ronin Judge Shimura, Judge Inspector Aiko Inaba and other Justice Department/Yakuza types from Hondo City would also be very welcome. 8)
What might be better is to concentrate on one setting (Mega City one and cursed earth) and then add settings (possibly with supplementary rules) like Briti Cit and Hondo (and thus have a wave of miniatures suitable for those settings).

Otherwise you'll get dribs and drabs of stuff (like 1 Hondo and 1 Brit Cit judge) for a long time before something else comes out.
I know it may seem to some like a GW route to go, but releasing a bunch of mega city one stuff (the core stuff for the game) and then releasing Brit-cit/Hondo/Apocalpse war/etc stuff as themed waves with either a rules download or a small supplement will keep players interested for longer than releasing one figure for a different setting/campaign every 3 months or so.
How about a few Citi-Def types? The Big Meg just wouldn't be the same without a Block War or two. It would also be awesome to see some Pro-Democracy Protester minis -- just a couple of citizens waving placards and hollering slogans. Back them up with a bunch of generic civvies and juves and you've got all you need for a few get-the-creep-without-hurting-the-bystanders scenarios. Or throw the the Protesters in with a bunch of muties and you have an Equal Rights for Mutants rally... exactly the kind of undesirable activity a Judge might be called in to break up.

Just another day in Mega-City One... 8)
In addition to all of the above i would like to see some female judges other than the Psi judge. These would be great to add a bit of variety and also to represent characters such as Hershey and DeMarco.
atomicker said:
Definitely. More variety in the Judges -- specifically female judges -- is essential.

It's probably unrealistic, but I'd love to see a bag of generic mc1 citizens (unarmed) to surround the gangers and give challenges to judges (minimize civilian casualties) and possible hostages for the gangs.

If done the way Twilight Creations does their Zombie model releases, eventually one could have tons of grey plastic civilians in multiple poses to fill mc1 tables and act as "light cover" ! :)

Oh, and my others would be:

Mutant sprues for lots of variety

Senior citizen gangs (forgotten the name)
Scifi civilians seemed surprisingly popular in a recent informal poll over at TMP so I suppose they might actually sell. Obviously it should be made easy to convert the civvies into "ad-hoc combatants" by just adding a weapon or two.

For JD characters, I'd like to have a Devlin Waugh.
I agree with most of the other posters on wants, specially The Dark Judges. They'd be an excellent 4 man gang with unique talents, skills and equipment a bit like the Spryers in GW Necromunda.

I also really wanna see Preacher Caine and his mutie companion (was it Joe? I forget).

Harmony Krieg.

Emerald Isle Judges (Complete with Pint Of Guiness in one hand, handgun in other)

Aghhh, the mind grows blank. I'll probably be back later with more suggestions.
Oh, there's a huge variety of cits and critters to choose from. Off the top of my head:-

- Elds
- Juves
- Muties
- Aliens (just yer standard ones, not the Xenomorphs from the Incubus X-over)
- Werewolves
- The Silver Werewolf
- General Cits
- Armed Cits
- Citi-Def
- Droids
- Sov Judges
- Judges from Other Megs (e.g. Brit-Cit, Oz, Hondo)
- Underworld Dwellers
- Cursed Earth Homesteaders
- Simps
- Slabwalkers
- Dealers
- Organised Crime Leaders

and, of course ...

- Fatties.

Good luck making fatties. I can see a lot of bad backs from hauling those things out of the store.