Official New Model Thread

A bit surprised that nobody seems to have mentioned Long Walk Judges on the thread (unless I missed that). How about a couple of Undercity or Cursed Earth judges with beaten up armour, unorthodox weapons, baggage etc? More wrinkled faces, higher hairlines to show age.
I think Maria affected by Block Mania would make an awesome mini.
Also, I'd like to see another orangutan of some sort. They're definitely in the minority as far as the apes go; we've got four gorillas, three chimps and only two orangutans!
Just to throw in my wish list...

Dirty Frank, Aimee Nixon and the rest of the Low Life crew.
Jack Point, Cliq and/or Larf
Judge Bachman, Turner and Enormo Overdrive
Accounts-Judge Maitland (because she is badass)

And, to prove that I haven't JUST read Trifecta...

Cursed Earth Township Deputies
Cursed Earth Rangers
Pan-African Judges
Detective-Judge Armitage
Blast-Armour Sov Judges
Don Uggie Apelino, Fast Eeek and Joe Bananas
I'd also LOVE to see Hondo Judges expanded to a full faction :D

So... Not too much, I feel :p