What kind of Aslan Fleet could crush The Pcs Ships


I finished A Pirates of Drinax Campaign Game the other day that was halted a year or so back, The Aslan where driven off but want revenge and want to know that if The Aslan somehow, likely through The GeDeCo, discover The 5 Pcs planned week and a half long celebration at their base on Wildeman for all their underlings what Aslan Force could have even a slim hope of crushing the following fleet that thanks to Anagthics they build up over 65.7 years

Small sized ships

8 400 ton Armed and Armoured custom made Human Traders, 8 200 ton Drinax Harrier Class Commerce Raiders, 6 400 ton versions of The Corsair after freeing them in Shadow and Sun, 6 200 ton Fast Traders, 4 400 ton jump capable system Defence boats, 3 400 ton Subsided Merchants, 3 400 ton versions of The 200 ton Star-Ray Class Interceptor, 3 400 ton Gazelles, 3 300 ton Indigo Class Pirate Carriers, 2 400 ton Fiery Class Gunships, 2 400 ton Patrol Corvettes, 1 300 ton Aslan Light Trader and 1 100 ton Armed and Armoured Scoutship

Medium sized

4 800 ton Regular Mercenary Cruisers, 3 800 ton Aslan Escorts, 3 custom build 600 ton versions of The 400 ton Salvage Hauler, 2 600 ton Corsair, 2 500 ton fleet picket and 2 500 ton version of The 200 ton Drinax Harrier

Large sized

2 2,000 ton Carriers, 1 8,000 ton Ritchey Class Escort, 1 5,300 ton custom made frigate, 1 2,000 ton Escort Carrier, 1 captured and converted 1,600 ton Treasure Ship, 1 1,000 ton Patrol Tender and 1 1,000 ton Aslan Cruiser

Capital sized

The 50,000 ton Yarrow and 30,000 ton Prophet Zomon Super-Heavy Class Mega-Freighters that have both been very heavily converted and now serve as Heavy Class Pirate Carriers