What is this Greenstuff ??


people have mentioned about using greenstuff on their minis
I assume it is some kind of filler ?
can someone tell me if this is correct & what it really is like a name & where to get it
plus is it really good ?

It's Green Stuff, two part modelling putty, available from Games Workshop stores and related stockists. Also availabe for mail order from the online store.

Yes, it really is called Green Stuff. That's GW for you. Childish names, grown-up prices...
Yes its modelling putty. It perfect for filling gaps between model parts, and you'll definitely need it if your be buying Mongoose ships!
I use it myself, its easy to use.
Its available online or at most hobby shops around the world.
Check out this link for an example:
thanks for the quick responses guys
GW here in OZ used to sell something like it but havent for years
there doesnt look like theres much in the packet so can someone tell me if there is a reasonable amount cause at 5 pounds plus postage to OZ could make it expensive
Try the GW Australia website!

And yes one packet has a reasonable amount, since you'll only be using it to fill in gaps between glued parts.
As a guide i used less than half the packet of putty on my ISA Fleetbox assembly.
Although its always good to buy a second packet of putty,just in case.

PS! You should also buy a Pin Vice (available from GW too).
Its a hand held drill, so u can enlarge the hole for the base on the metal ships!!
Its essential for the larger Babylon 5 ships!!
Or else the bases have a tendency to snap,due to the size and weight of the larger ships, its happened to me twice.
Hah, the PROPER Green Stuff filler was made by Squadron, was toxic to the skin, and made a decent explosive if you were short on Nitro Glycerine...

..I still have some...

Okay, what you are looking for is Yellow/green Epoxy putty (not to be confused with epoxy glue!) theres another type useable too, and good old milliput is perfectly usable too.
use a little bit at a time, and keep the rest in the cooler (fridge) so it wont become sticky. My B/F keeps pulling it out the packits and asking "What is this stuff?"