What Is Armageddon 2089 : Total War Like?


Is Armageddon 2089 : Total War any good? As it looks really cool, but some online reviews say that the combat system is to hard to understand. Is this ture?
Also how simular to Mech waqrrior is it?

Later Days
Hi there Corax,

Nice to see you venture out of the SST forums :lol:

Personally I really like A:2089. There is a lot of crunch in the rules, but it's all good. Sometimes you have to flcik around the book to find the table you need, and some things take a little figuring out, but given that the rules have to deal with so many different scales of combat (Personal, vehicle and MEk) I think they do very well. I don't think the combat system is that hard, but there are more things to consider than just aC, there's Infra Red signatures, speed modifiers, size modifers. But all that crunch is why I like it.

As to how different it is to MEch Warrior, there I cannot help you, I know nothing of MW.

Hope some of that helps.

toothill man said:
has a very good novel too that is bursting with good ideas 8)

Yes, the novel. How could I have forgotten! :shock:

It's not listed on the website, but email sales@mongoosepublishing.com I'm sure if they have any left they'd be happy to sell you one.

It's what got me into the game in the first place!