What about the SRMs ?

I have come up with an alternative SR system that might be pertinent to this thread. You can find it in the Alternative for Initiative thread.

what happens when the "guy with the shortsword" lands a strike or somehow manages to get past the pike
Problem with the Pike, it is a unit weapon, most units recieve charges from like weapons or protect missile units which in turn provide them with protection.
Most engaguments with pikes from what I've read lead to scrum like pushes and shoving.

On a one to one basis the pike is useless when closed, its too unweildy to parry with or use as a stave (strike with its butt.)

This may have been mentioned already, although I don't remember seeing it, but in one of the earliest paragraphs of the combat chapter, it states that small and nimble fighters will strike first, while those with large slow weapons will strike later in the round.

According to the lack of SRMs, that's not true, and in fact weapon size has no bearing on the ability to strike first at all. :roll: