West of Scotland clubs or players ?

Iain McGhee

Anyone know of any clubs or players around the Glasgow/Paisley area ?
Most of the Scottish entries in the list are a bit too far away for me, especially since I don't drive.


Wulf Corbett is in Glasgow, plays at Strathclyde University IIRC.

Glasgow and some of the other universities will likely have clubs you might be able to join.

Ask in Static Games in the Argyle market, they;ll likely know of local clubs

(Former East Kilbride/Glasgow inhabitant)


Ahh, I thought Strathie would have an equivalent to GU's GUGS.

Just goes to show what you should expect from a 'jumped up tech college' :lol:


Wulf Corbett

lastbesthope said:
Ahh, I thought Strathie would have an equivalent to GU's GUGS.
We have been a bit drained of players over the summer, term only just started again. Who knows what will get played over the next few weeks...



OK, so its not the West Coast.

There are two new wargames clubs starting or just started in Edinburgh as well as the two university societies (Heriot-Watt and Edinburgh), and the train or bus takes about 1 hour from the center of Glasgow.

Edinburgh League of Gamers (Wednesday 6pm - 11pm), off London Road, it has its own entry password and everything.

ORC wargamey thingy (Saturday 12 - 6pm), Three Tuns Pub (off Princes Street) for more exact info PM Dread Times.
Well this is a post I've done on other sites so I may as well replicate it here.

http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/scottishgaming/ A Yahoo Group for Scottish Gaming.

http://www.gugs.org.uk/ is the Glasgow Uni group
http://g3online.tripod.com/ G3 Glasgow Gaming Group

http://www.hobbits.org.uk/ Paisley Uni group

http://www.orcedinburgh.co.uk/ is an Edinburgh 'open to all' gaming group which I 'run' and ties in with the gaming at 3 Tuns mentioned earlier.
http://www.geas.org.uk/ is Edinburgh Uni's group
http://wattgamers.co.uk/ is Heriot Watt Uni's group

http://www.dusa.dundee.ac.uk/durps/ Dundee Uni group

http://www.thesinner.net/mb/Societies/gamesoc St Andrew's Uni group

http://www.au-roleplay.org/aura/ Aberdeen University gaming group
http://www.otherdeen.org/ An 'other' Aberdeen group

These are mainly RPG groups but they should be able to either put you in contact with Wargaming groups or something. I know of a few Wargaming groups but only on the East coast (Edinburgh & Dunfermline to be specific).

Static would be a good start if you can't get in touch with any of these, here's their website (part of A1 Comics) - http://www.firetank.net/clients/a1comics/frameset.htm


SURGe is us; unfortunately, the general opinion of Mongoose at the club is fairly low- the last campaign we tried had so many house rules it was barely recognisable. Some of them made sense, but they were too poorly distributed, most players didn't really know what they were doing.
It was also a flop. Read into that what you will.
I'm completely out of touch with the Hobbit's Armpit (Paisley), but the Dunfermline Wargames and Roleplaying Fellowship- also known as Norman's Munchkin Farm- does play some ACtA.
Slightly Norse John said:
the Dunfermline Wargames and Roleplaying Fellowship- also known as Norman's Munchkin Farm- does play some ACtA.

The DWARF website is here - http://z11.invisionfree.com/THE_GAMES_CLUB/index.php

Iain McGhee

Thanks gentlemen, I'll investigate some of these further. Most of the clubs I'm already aware of are RPG-only or Warhammer-only. Or are full of folk less than half my age. And Wulf, I thought you were a bit further North. Geography isn't one of my strong points :wink: . I'll likely drop you a line after I get my Armageddon preorder.