Wanted: Description or pic of The lightning shuttle/fighter


Hi all,
my player's characters currently travel in a Lighting shuttle/fighter (p.140 in The Coming of Shadows), but I can't tell them what it looks like :(
There are no pictures and no description of what it looks like.

Is there someone here that has a description of it, or even better, a picture?

If you can't find anything, I knocked this up in about 30 minutes, I have no idea what a lightning class shuttle actually looks like but I figured that the newer ships probably evolved from it's design (or similar ones).


It's a bit low poly, but what the heck.
Yeah, it's nothing special though it really could do with more time spent on it to improve the appearance and overall detail level.
thanks, I'll try and get my hands on Truespace and see if I can learn to make ships by myself, seems like it could be a usefull skill :)

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