Visualization of Space Combat in Roll20?


Banded Mongoose
Does anyone have an idea, how to best visualize space combat in a virtual tabletop like Roll20?

What do I mean by that? I would like to give the players a general idea, how far certain objects are in releation to their own show (or even from each other) as well as ship status and impact times of missiles/torpedoes. I already experimented with a starfield hex map and the aura feature, but this was quite limited, since there is only a limited amount of auras you can activate for a token and also the distances are non-linear in scale. I guess this still kind of works with the dogfight rules but not with long distance battles.

Any clever ideas?
This is what I use on an actual table top.
On a big table, inches, and on a normal table, centimeters.
The range is where that band starts. (Liberties taken to get memorable numbers)
It is hard to fit that on a computer screen.

Adjacent A 1
Close C 2
Short S 5
Medium M 10
Long L 20
Very Long V 50
Distant 100