Aliens of Charted Space vol 2 typos


Banded Mongoose
I've just finished going through the second aliens volume. Figured I'd start a topic for typos before the print edition comes out.


P132 Enlisted rank skills and benefits are copied from Official. Suggest that these be replaced with the same NCO benefits as in the core rulebook for Navy.


P117 Which Officer’s sword is which? Might be good to label one the navy variant and the other the army variant.

P118 The Navy Combat Shotgun is listed as being bulky, but surely that’s only with the extended 18 round drum?

P122 “Typical mounts can walk at Idle speed or *run* at Very Slow speed”. Also, where are the stats for the companion animals?

P130 Qualification requirement of SOC 6+ is repeated twice. “Administrator” should read “Official” under career progress and and skills and training.

P133 Event 10 “a covert mission into Imperial space” (“the” removed). “Comms 1” should be “Electronics (comms) 1” and “Remote Operations 1” should be “Electronics (remote operations) 1”.

P189 “Flight” is listed twice as a skill.

P193 Droyne ageing is described as starting in the 4th term. If that’s the case, then that’s when the Droyne is 28 (12+4*4) not 24 as described.

P196 under Assignments, the first assignment should be “Battling Warrior” (not just “Warrior”).

P259 I suggest deleting “Once attained, Manipulator status is for life” since it seems from all other descriptions of this rule (including the next paragraph) that you only get permanent Manipulator status if you are a Manipulator for two consecutive terms (a very rare occurrence, except probably in some campaigns that are discussed on this forum).

P261 The heading for the Hiver Life Events table reads “Hiver Benefits”. Also event 5 has a double full-stop at the end of it.


P5 “homogenous” should be “homogeneous” and probably doesn’t need “homo” italicised.
“on those world’s first settled by Terra” should be “on those worlds first settled by Terra”.

P10 “… the space-folding effects of *the* jump drive could be achieved.” also “… had invented *the* jump drive themselves.” and a comma between “encountering” and "conquering”

P11 there shouldn’t be a comma after “food products”

P16 “these worlds continued to send expeditions *to* discover and settle on worlds…”

P17 should probably read “Aslan clans fought, schemed against, and allied with, tiny Human pocket empires”. The missing commas make for a difficult read.

P21 “without co-opting *the* existing Vilani power structure…”

P23 “species that *had* never been contacted”

P24 “force an imperial *concession*”

P27 “it could be, and was, coldly planned in a centre of government” (commas added around “and was”. Also “rarely leading to more than schoolyard taunts” (“a” removed).

P29 “reserve forces brought *in* as reinforcements”

P30 “insisted that every world there *was* to be defended at all costs.”

P32 "in *an* attempt to capture Terra’s three starports.”

P33 “they refer to as *the* ‘War of Solomani Liberty’."
“New elections were held in the Secretariat in 10003, which *met* in the improvised chambers aboard the battleship Morrigan”

P36 “slivers of the Reaver’s Deep and *the* Old Expanses”

P39 “Daibei, the Reaver’s Deep and *the* Old Expanses"

P40 “and are only partly integrated into *the* Solomani confederation.”

P41 “candidates can stand informally to represents the interests of particular factions or regions” (“interest” removed). Also “Thus, members of *the* theocracy”.

P43 “the Charter of the Solomon Confederation avoids *stating* that a member government”. Also “local laws in the world outside the ship” (“beyond” removed).

P46 “When *the* imperium’s authorities manage to trace”. Also “This *is* not considered an ideal situation, but the post-war consensus”.

P48 “Support for colonisation projects and long-range exploration missions *is* high”

P49 “They developed *the* jump drive on their own.”

P50 "Non-Solomani *populations* in the Confederation are concentrated in parts”

P51 “Many Confederation citizens feel that the Vargr” (extra “that” removed).

P53 “weapon or pilot’s *licence*”. Mongoose uses British spelling, so should probably use “licence” rather than “license”.

P60 “Party organisations operating at the level of planetary and multi-world governments, which dominate local affairs and choose representatives to select the Secretariat, and by the factions and High Council”. Comma added after Secretariat.

P61 "although some *conventions* can turn into political circuses”

P63 Shouldn’t “shall grant” be “may grant” (to be consistent with it being a "‘may grant’ rule”?). Also “perhaps existing as *a* network of patronage”.

P75 There is a missing full stop before “Whilst capable of interstellar flight”

P83 "commuter networks” should be “computer networks”

P88 and P90 also have the American spelling of “license”, which should probably be “licence”. Page 90 has quite a few instances of this.

P92 “The homeworld of the Solomani is Terra, once called earth, *located* in the Sol subsection of the Solomani Rim”

P101 “embedded in the hull of *the* ship”

P107 “capable of holding six people” or “capable of transporting six people” (at the moment reads “capable of holding transporting six people”).

P116 “*Similarly*, a few TL15 consumer and military items”

P123 "despite them *being* ahead on points right now”

P139 “There is one feature *of* the Droyne that stands out”

P140 “defending the group as a *whole*"
“for any surplus they might *have*”
“homeworld of the *Zhodani* people"

P142 “Whether others were too busy or they actively opposed Grandfather’s new plan, they omitted or outright refused to muster to take part in it” (comma added).

P144 “no different in biological terms to those who *came* before and after”

P163 “and seem *content* that way”

P164 “It seems that the web of contacts maintained by the Oytrip of *Tubroyllufotyusk* stretches far further”

P167 “For 15 seconds, the Droyne can see and hear everything” (“the” removed and comma added).

P173 “where they *conduct* their business”

P188 “known as Black Skills” (“termed” removed).

P196 Mishap 2 “If they were your leader and you go with them, you are exiled from the Oytrip and *join* their Kroyloss, which breaks up soon afterward.
Mishap 4 “The leaders formulate a plan and *correct* the situation"

P205 Event 8 “You *lead* an expedition into the wilds"

P212 “Handhshaking ensures a healthy *genetic* mix”

P214 “It is believed that *Hivers* have the ability to shut down their metabolism”

P217 “For around 1,000 *years,* the Hivers interacted”

P221 “The *leader* of a nest is considered a Senior by the members of its nest”. Also "Each individual *has* a balance with their nest"

P224 “One *die* represents +5% to the price per point”

P231 “The club maintains records of all the great Manipulations and *evaluates* petitions”

P234 “Any river changing vessels takes with it *genetic* material”

P236 “if they do not understand the *principles* involved”. Also “For this reason, if just one skilled *crewmember* is carried”

P237 “any sensors fitted to a ship over interstellar distances if they are capable” (“which” removed).

P241 I’m not sure what “planeing” means. Maybe is should read “plane-like”?

P251 “will usually suffice to identify” (“be” removed).

P256 “Simple profit is one reason, but the Hiver might *also* want to weaken the company”

P257 “A nest *specialising* in the social sciences”

P258 “An eclipsed Manipulator will usually” (“is” removed).

P269 Mishap 3 “a major financial loss for the people who *are* supposed to benefit”.