Victory at Sea models?

not to trie to take over the topic or annything but some info i found while reading a book abaout 2 ww:

for hitting German convois and targets/incerting agents on the norwegian coast and including D-day. The British/Norwegians used MTB`s for this work.

they tested alot of different types of MTB`s (motor torpedo boat`s) but the one they found worked best was the "D" class worked best for the mission profile for this boat. 117.5 m long, 110 tonn deplacement, 4 1250 hk engines. top speed in best conditions is 32 knot(sp?) max range on 2 engines was 900 nautical miles at 18 knots.

arments was as follows: 2* 53 cm torpedo tubes, 2* sinkmine trowers, 2* 57 mm canons, one double 20 mm Oerlikon cannon, 2* double 12.7 mashinguns, 2* double 7.62 mashinguns.

in severe wheather they had to drop speed to 8 knots, and in *realy* bad wheather they had to seek port.

not shure if this one is one of the "D" type but this one is used in this types of missions; H.M.M.T.B 718 "LoneWolf".

MTB "626" sunk <Altenfels> in a few minutes on the 5`th of june `43.
call it random facts : P

quite hyped from the books iv been reading..

who was the major part that led to the destruction of "Tirpitz" and her "sister"?
That would be fleet destroyers, I believe. After the battleships pounded Bismark she remained afloat and the destroyers were called in to torpedo and sink her. Or so I seem to recall.

No one knows where I can see photos of these Navwar miniatures, then?
hmm trie spirit games

what i meant is : P

that the brits knew where those 2 ships was from intel from the Norwegian intel opratives : P

what realy killed the tirpitz was either an 500 k bomb going through its bow to detonate in the harbour floor *ouch*

they ordered like 1500 bags of sement to seal it : P
Spirit games don't have photos on their (absurdly bad) site. I did an image search for "Navwar" and saw some nice photos, but it was a model review site and I wans't sure if the models shown were Navwar models or not...
i thought they listed urls to the manufacturers but : \

il keep an eye out for em
Well the Tirpitz was finally finished off by the RAF...

But destroyers got the Bismark! (Or the crew scuttled her if you want to uphold the Kriegsmarine's honour)

The cruiser Dorsetshire used her torpedoes to finish Bismarck, after the Rodney and King George V pounded her all through lunchtime (them Germans built them tough)!

Tirpitz was indeed eventually sunk by the RAF specially designed "Tallboy" bombs. These monster bombs I believe were weighing in at the 8-10,000 lb mark (I may be wrong on the exact figures but suffice to say they were huge).

They sank her once, but she just settled on the bottom of the fjord, which was very shallow. Thus she didn't appear to have been sunk at all so they bombed her again and she capsized, with unfortunate results for the sailors still on board :(

Yeah being below decks has really got to suck in those situations. Still not as bad as the Bismarck's crew.

Since many of them were trapped in the upturned hull with no hope of resue and died long, lingering deaths, I'm not sure which would have been the worse way to go :(
As an aside I think its possible to touch (or at least see) a piece of the armour of the Tirpitz at the "Explosion" museum in Priddy's Hard, Gosport. Despite the cheesy name its an excellent museum of naval weaponry which needs support as it is a bit out of the way and hence perpetually at risk of suffering a funding crisis and closing down.
I personally like the 2 15inch guns outside the Imperial War museum London. True 15 inch British marvels.

Bring some SeeKrieg things on Saturday and I will have a squiz. 1/6000 does seem a bit small to me, but it will depend on the detailing.