Vehicles VS Individual Combat


It has been almost 40 years since I ran a Traveller game, but my young group has asked me to run a 2nd edition campaign for them. I've been GMing a Savage Worlds pulp setting for the last 14 years as the players were growing up, but now that they are in their 30's they want to try something else.

The first adventure will have a scene where the players are rounding up a herd of gigantic elephant-like creatures using land yachts. The rules seem a little vague on running vehicle VS individual combat. Does anyone know of any good examples/playthroughs of this type of combat?
if your travellers are crewing the yacht's weapons, do initiative as usual. If NPC's are, roll vehicle initiative separate. I assume the hunters are shooting from the deck level of the yacht, so creature attacks will be made against the yachts first.