Urzaeng Travellers?


Banded Mongoose
I don't seem able to find stats for building Urzaeng Travellers in Aliens of Charted Space Vol. 1.
They are mentioned on p.171 and an Urzaeng modification is mentioned on p.214, however it is intended as a modification for standard Vargr.
Problem is, a standard Vargr is STR-2, DEX+1, END-1. Applying the modification gives STR-1, DEX+1, END 0, INT-1. Hardly "physically a match for Aslan" as stated in the text.
Am I missing something? Or should the modifiers for the modification be used for a "real" Urzaeng (STR+1, END+1 and INT-1)?

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I have always applied the stats as given and not as a modification of the "base" stats for the race.