Two is company, three is a crowd...


Since we failed to get Judge Dredd and Slaine in seperate forums, despite most people who posted thinking it was a good idea, I thought I would add a current growing concern I have.

The from page of this particular forum lists the Judge Dredd and Slaine board as a place to post about Mongoose's 2000AD licenses. Since they are working on a Nemesis rpg, it seems that there is a good chance that rpg will get added to this forum as well.

I don't know about you guys, but I would be much happier if each game had it's own forum. It's easier to skip the Conan forum than to guess what game a post refers to. Sometimes I read all the different boards here, but usually there are only certain things I'm interested in.

One of the main strengths with this forum is that it is easy, generally, to see what a post is about. Slaine and Judge Dredd sometimes overlap but we usually pull the thread back on track. The main 2000adonline forum is very difficult to follow. I don't want to see this forum go the same route...

Nemisis will either be huge, or no one will buy it.... But theres not to many posts here... and as I run Dredd and Slaine, its cool bones for me to wander in.

Fingers crossed that Nemesis is all ABC action :twisted:
at the start we were all stepping on each others toes but as we both label the threads what they are it now works.And it is not just nemesis on the cards matt has written a few times on these boards saying there are other 2000AD lines worth turning into roleplaying games :wink:
True. We'll just have to train newcommers to the forum to label the posts. I still think it makes sense to break them out, but I understand that it's a numbers game, and currently... all the Dredd and Slaine posts combined do not equal half of Babylon 5 or even a quarter of Conan. Together, they are a little over Lone Wolf, but that forum has been up for a much shorter time.

It makes sense for Mongoose to consolidate and keep the figures high, and we can work with it... I just worry that if we did get lots more 2000AD lines published (lets hope we do) then this could become really crowded, really quickly.

sure between us all the old hands can teach the newbies the ropes :wink: :lol: dont also be too two harsh as we have done well with armeggedon well behind
stats too make it all better with 13 boards we has 5 whipped and are 9 away from lone wolf at moment and that is for a couple of games which have the least support of them all so to all the slaine and dredd boys and girls keep posting showing the rest the value of our favourite systems