Best OTU Traveller scenario or campaign list


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Best OTU Traveller scenario or campaign

This is on the basis of 34 posts between 2014 and 2024 asking for best or favourite scenario, campaign or starter scenario, on facebook, reddit, rpggeek, forum, mongoose forum and citizens of the imperium.

I'll be the first to admit the poll is far from accurate. In particular, it discrimates against recently published scenarios. All of the top 10 were first published in some form before the earliest of the polls (that is, before 2014). I did at least try to identify people who recommended the same thing in more than one forum but that all depends on them having the same user name, so there might still be some double counting.

But, hopefully still a useful list.

1. Twilight's Peak 25
2. The Traveller Adventure 24
4= High and Dry 15
4= Shadows 15
6= Death Station 14
6= Sky Raiders trilogy 14
7. Pirates of Drinax 13
9= Annic Nova 11
9= The Chamax Plague 11
10. Murder/Mysteries on Arcturus Station 9

Special mention to The Lords of Thunder as the highest scoring magazine scenario (4 votes, MegaTraveller Journal #4)

Link to the main spreadsheet:!AiAcP3zPiMjzgoZYQUiA6wWPMcuh4A