Traveller Release Schedule 2024

give us the facinating Julian Protectorate.. give us more on Gateway the frontier the Spinward Marches can only dream of being and with a very mortal threat to the Imperium lurking beyond it. Give us more Vargr, more K'kree or give us death and Hard Times... yeah man..
All coming - but this all needs preparation as we want to do them properly...
You may be confusing Foreven and Far Frontiers. They are neighbours, and sound similar, so that's understandable.

Actually Foreven has already been done so that’s not an issue. I’m not sure why this was mentioned since I asked about far Frontiers.
Well, kinda sorta, there'd still be the sore thumb of the "Foreven Sector is a referee's reserve" business.
So yes there was some confusion because Foreven was interjected for some reason by Cord. My original post before Cord got things off track was that I was hoping the complete Far Frontiers sector would be in Sky Raiders. Since there is obviously no ban on Mongoose doing it (Even the Foreven as a Referee’s Reserve is not the case anymore).

Again Sorry about the confusion like I said I was talking about Far Frontiers when Cord stated that there was a Ban on doing Foreven which caused confusion since we were not talking about Foreven (Which Mongoose has already done in the Sector construction guide).

If we get a complete Far Frontiers sector than we will have a nice large area to play in
Far Frontiers, Foreven, Spinward Marches, Deneb
Vanguard Reaches, the Beyond, Trojan Reach, Rift
####, Touchstone, Riftspan Reaches, &&&&

Now if we could only get Iphigenia (####) and Verge (&&&&) we’d have a nice 12 connected Sector area to play with
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Well those look exciting. I'm assuming The Borderland is part of the Drinax line, but correct me if I'm wrong.
You may be confusing Foreven and Far Frontiers. They are neighbours, and sound similar, so that's understandable.

Foreven got 'done' in the Sector Construction Guide Box set, however this build was just a mechanics example as FarFuture maintains Foreven as 'open' for individual referees to sandbox in. Blazer also did several [3 or 4] subsectors, though those are different than the SCG box.
Could we get an updated release schedule beyond August, please. The one on the homepage goes only to July and this forum thread to August (wrt PDF releases), surely you must have plans for the rest of the year too.

hear hear!!! I've heard some bits/teasers about upcoming projects, mainly via the recent Mayday Cyborg interviews, some that really hit the must have/spot and would LOVE to know if and what might be planned or ready for (PDF-pre) release later in the year.

Even as I impatiently wait for Bounty Hunter to drop on us haha..
I'm really hoping Bounty Hunter drops tomorrow. I'm ready to set Dog the Bounty Hunter loose on the Imperium and the players are champing at the bit.

Not ashamed to admit that first thing I'll be doing tomorrow morning after I wake up.. even before checking to see if the Reds have pushed the button down.. even before the morning cigarette and whether or not Bounty Hunter has dropped early morning Mongoose time.