Travel times - from Shamar to Khorshemish


On p. 252, it says that a determined rider on a fast horse could get from Shamar to Khorshemish in 12 hours?! It goes on to say that Shamar to Tarantia is fully five days' ride. However, Tarantia is a LOT closer on the map to Shamar, than Khorshemish is to Shamar?!

Roughly according the scale at the bottom of the map (which itself has an error, to address in a separate thread), from S to T is 600 miles, from S to K is 1000 miles, so what's up?
From what I've seen, there are many different versions of what the map is supposed to look like. This is just Jesus' view of the map. Maybe there will be a supplement in the future that might correct this. Though, if it was drawn by someone other than Jesus, then it will be merely a different view of what Hyboria is supposed to look like.

Perhaps you could use the scale that is part of the map. Find out how fast a horse can travel in a day, without killing it. Then, you can figure it out on your own.