Tourney on 16th... what have I let myself in for?

Cap'n Peg-Leg Tank said:

as obviously has been pointed out it is based on Fleet Allocation Points (FAP's) so a sharlin could not remain in hypersapce whilst a torotha sped round the table!!!!! but you probably have gathered that :lol:

Actually, I can see where the confusion is coming from on this. In the tournament pack under the Annihilation scenario rules(page 6) under Scenario Rules it indicates the person who wins the dice roll may deploy up to 2 ships in hyperspace as a reserve. In the Space Superiority scenario(page 8) under scenario rules it indicates that the winner of the dice rolloff may deploy 1 ship in hyperspace as a reserve. There is no mention of FAP's

Thus, under the pre-armageddon tourney rules, you could field a torotha on the table with a Sharlin in hyperspace.

But remember for this tourney it is explicitly stated that the tourney pack on the website is not to be used, so completely ignore anything in it.

The only books of note are ACTa Rule Book 1, SFOS, Dilgar, Drakh, Armageddon tourney pdf.