Tourney on 16th... what have I let myself in for?

Hmmm...guess its just my bad luck with the bimith, I find range eight a real headache to get.

Question on the 2 poitns in hyperspace folks keep talking about. I thought it was half of you ships numerically, not linked in any way to pl points. Thus if I have a torotha and a Sharlin the sharlin could be held back in hyper and the torotha desperately strives to stay alive until it arrives.


as obviously has been pointed out it is based on Fleet Allocation Points (FAP's) so a sharlin could not remain in hypersapce whilst a torotha sped round the table!!!!! but you probably have gathered that :lol:
ItF II tourney pack Page 3:

In every scenario, you may hold up to two Fleet Allocation Points worth of ships in hyperspace as a reserve. They may be brought into the battle as detailed in the Advanced Rules in Book One.

2 FAP Raid may be kept in Hyperspace.

Ah...missed that in the tourney pack...we were going off the SFoS. Our local detail person was certain it was numerically, and since he was right on the interceptor thing we've all been loath to argue and give him another I told you so moment.

I think that would be me.

Well, I'll take my licking when appropriate. I thought it was numeric in SFoS, but I'm probably wrong. Mea Culpa.
Well, after all the fuss I've caused, it looks like we aren't going to make it down tomorrow after all... we've had a bit of a problem and had to cancel. I'm a bit disappointed, but hopefully I'll be able to play in the next IDGaming tourney (I had to miss the last one... because I was having a vasectomy!). Really sorry I won't get to meet you fellas, especially as I was looking forward to showing Burger's Religious Caste how to fly a Tinashi. Hopefully I'll ahve a few more games under my belt by the next one and I won't feel quite as nervous...
Ah a shame - I had to duck out of the last ID Gaming tourney at short notice which was really dissapointing too but sometimes these things happen...
Captain Jay said:
Well, after all the fuss I've caused, it looks like we aren't going to make it down tomorrow after all...

Thats a shame, I was wondering how that fleet of yours would have handled the opposition. Guess you will just have to try it out next year.
My transport options have all gone haywire but thanks to the miracle of a 1am train, 4 hour wait in Derby then 6 further changes, I'll be pulling into Swindon at 09:31!!!

Be on the look out for the guy in an orange shirt, asleep in the corner during the day :)
I could not function after a journey like that, you are a far braver man than I. Even driving down tomorrow meant getting up far earlier than my fragile constitution could bear. Apparently, I have been told, there are TWO '4.30''s in a day. Imagine!
Captain Jay said:
Cheers fellas. Burger, I'm looking to you to keep the Bonehead flag flying high...
I'll be supporting Minbari, they rock so much! I imagine my Brakiri fleet will get slaughtered by them :D
Sorry to hear you can't make it Jay, or how you were going to show Burger how to blow a Tinashi in spetacular style. Hope to see you in the next event mate ;)