Tourney, home of cheese

SofS Sag was panse, complete and utter, Tourney Sag was better but maybe shouldnt have bin skirmish (I say that as an EA player) new sag............... only one word comes to mind.
Tank this is a family forum, don't use that kind of language, even if only in inferrance!

Reborn might be reading...
NAM - I sort of see where you're coming from about tourneys being a forum where competative gaming can thrive (in a friendly and sporting atmosphere though). The trouble is, a few options are/were clearly too powerful, others are a bit to powerful but not unbeatable and many others are good and balanced but require good generalmanship to be consistantly victorious.

Finding these dividing lines is hard but hopefully something that will gradually happen meaning that all ships and fleets are able to beat and be beaten by most combinations on a regular basis.

The 10xSag fleet was wrong. Now with the Armageddon pdf it just got worse! However, for almost everything else things are getting better over time.
I expect to see anything that is legal within the rules show up at a tournament. I think that the US in gerneral is a bit more competitive like that than the UK players from what Ive seen on the board though.

Who know what the new cheese fleets will be with the rule changes.

Current Cheese
10x Saggitarius
2x Shadow huntre, 1x shadow scout
Nightmares about Minbari said:
Tournies are not friendly games, not campaigns, they are entirely focused on winning, and players should be free to do whatever they can within the rules to win.

That's one way to view them. There are plenty others...

I would say tournaments are all about getting FUN. That goes far beyond winning in my priorities.
And mine, but that's why I don't play tourney games.

However the big tourney events are serving two masters.

1) the uber competative games for the real rules lawyers
2) events for ACTA players from different places to meet up and play against each other.

serving two masters is never easy, maybe there should be friendly and competative tourneys, or at least some indication as to what sort of tourney it is.

But maybe I shouldn't be talking about tourneys at all as I've yet to attend one.
No reason why you can't have fun *And* be competitive. You just need to regularly ban the fleets that prove to be a problem. (And keep those in mind for rules revision when the time comes)
Nightmares about Minbari said:
That's a fine line that not everyone can walk, from what I've seen.

probably. But I think that's more from people on the competitive end of the spectrum..... You know being reminded of rules they are breaking, or perhaps have been playing wrong all along with their buddies.

After all if you're just there for the fun of it, and the fleets are reasonably balanced, who cares if you win or lose.

Then again playing against someone argueing over 1/8" of move or range or 2* of turn can be a frustrating experience.
Haven't seen the new rules so I can't say. 20 Sho'kav's sound promising though. 20AD of precise super ap 20 inch weapons! :lol:
Burger said:
Nightmares about Minbari said:
Isn't that going to be 20 patrol ships under the new rules?
No, still 15. You could take 5 Skirmish and 10 Patrol, though.

Aww...there went my plan for a 20 Shyarie Frigate fleet! 100AD of coms disrupters for the win!
Ok, bit odd with the shyrie

was planning on trillions of t'bolts, death by e-mine or victory by swarm!!!!!!
The two tourney's I've been to/hosted were quite friendly, albeit small, affairs. We did have Shadow fleets, and I'm sure in the Raid scenario they used the 2H+1S combo to good effect, but due to the varied PL structure of my tourneys, they only really had the advantage in that fight.