Tournament on 16th and models allowed

Hi all,

Never been to a tournament before, and don't want to make any obvious mistakes.

Plan to bring rules, models and dice.

Question regarding models. I have Mongoose capital ships but the old large AOG sentri fighters. Am I allowed to bring them, or should I use card counters for the sentris?


Captain Kremmen said:
Plan to bring rules, models and dice.

Doing better then LBH already then. :D

No idea abpout the fighters though. I would guess they are allowed, but you might as well take the counters along as well. Its not like they take up much space.
I'm 99.999% sure that your AOG fighters (and capital ships) are allowed. Also the fleet action scale minis. Even in Official MGP toourments, like the ones I've worked at Origins and Gencon.

Just remember to bring your books in case of rules questions. First we let the players work out a rules question, then if necessary the Judge will makea ruling. Just remember the Judge's decision if FINAL. no bellyaching of whining after the call. :)

I have AOG Tbolts that I use, it helps me tell them from the starfuries in the late hours of gaming. :)

James / Nezeray
Mongoose allow the ise of both scales of old AIG minis at their tournaments, or at least, they always have so far. I have seen mix and match fleets of both sizes.

Mongoose even allowed proxies in some of the SST tournies, but only for units which were in the rules and had not had models released yet.