tootys collection of slaine bits

a small cave pearl is found but it is not a cave pearl but a trapped deamon using your dreams to gain release but can only br released but being bathed in druids tears and then warmed in a fire lit with a dragons flame :shock:
a river nymph has lost her necklass and so is so sad she is dieing it was stolen by evil salt water formorrians and would be a epic quest to return it 8)
a living warrior has fallen in love with a sand nymph and their are many quests between the lovers for the goddess will have to give up her handmaiden or the warrior will have to earn the right to become fey :shock:
a warrior has sacrificed his heart to the goddess but still lives and some want to make him a god others to kill him as undead.his only hope is the party :D
Great idears here Tooth!! I like these cause it can really give you a jump off point for a new campaign or to freshen up an existing one. Keep'em coming!! Maybe Prophet can make a cool PDF of your work here with borders and everything....would look sweet!
a monster is coming into the night and killing but only people with red hair :shock: a evil wizard is trying to destroy a enemy witch but his only information is she has red hair :evil:
a dwarf is killing all its old masters and now has a pact with the cythrons for power if souls are given but as these are powerful men no one even thinks of the dwarf link :shock:
the silverbow has been stolen but the theives are turning up dead with pure black faces with looks of horror most think its witchcraft intead poison is in the leather grip non-gloves equal death.
a monster is killing the fishermen on the river with dragging the boats under via their nets it is a river giant who is looking for his missing child stolen by evil formorrians so he will kill the humans.
a backpack is dumped on their doorstep it contains a baby and a note saying it belongs to one of them it is infact a evil changling a evil which will go undetected for years till his masters say strike :shock:
a noble gives them a great torc but it is cursed and he gives it in spite as he is the last of his huge clan brought low by the torc that everyone will kill his kin for :twisted:
a new magic is gaining control of the area it seems powerful and it is but it also is cthyon based and a quick route too el :shock:
you are placed as guards to prevent a young warrior from taking the honor from a kings bride but you fail and are exiled your only way back is to recapture the two that have ran away togeather.
they as a group find a room full of mirrors and evil duplicates are created and escape so were ever they go they is a pitchfork welcome till they kill all the clones who are trying their best to kill them 8)
a silver coin keeeps turing up even if thrown into a lava pit it still comes back and with runes no one can one knows were it comes from or why it comes back everytime :twisted: