tootys collection of slaine bits

toothill man

have been increasing my posting by alot racing LBH but as mothomason put it there is alot of fluff and so he suggested this thread of adventure ideas,traps,npcs and treasures to add to the slaine information on the site who knows might even get prophet to turn it into a down load one day.please reply and post your iteas as well this board is for everyone and so your comments are very welcome too 8)
the dancer in the forest-a naked wood spirit has been seen dancing and she has been seen putting glamours on young men who are dieing as the trance they enter is so deep that they are not eating .force is no good a living part of the goddess she is sacred so another way must be found.
the shield of the damned-a anicent evil artifact stolen from the formorrians it drives the user mad with the whispering inside the bearers skull of evil acts yet undone how do the group distroy it without killing themselves or becoming evil
A Cythron artifact whispers in the dreams of a Kings Bride, it plans to bring back its lost slaves and dine on the tears of the sessair, using her as the tool to activate the seven Sigils of Tears, and broach the veil of time.
the mind bug-a formorian wizard has invented a insect that lodges itself into a human brain eating the bits that control free will turning them into a living zombie the victum will die from not eating but bug will animate the corpse till death,the bug is being used to kill off important humans who stand in the way of the formorrians empire.
dragon fire-the least of the banned tribal weapons it uses a secreat tar mix that in air exsplodes it comes in a one use tube nomally with a trigger one end and a carved dragon mouth which fires the flame.
a wild stallion the steed of the wind never been tamed or caught it is midnight black apart from a perfect white diamond on his muzzle and 6 legs :shock: legend says it cannot be killed in combat
one of the lesser cults keep on finding there priests with there hearts ripped out and a strange brand birned into the victums flesh it is the deamon attacks the druids send for help to stop it turns out its not a demon but a exiled cultist murderer who now has the party in her sights
the robe of eyes a powerful object that makes it impossible to be surprised but anyone caught wearing this will be burned as a demon as it is made of human flesh that still sweats with many still whole eye balls still wildly searching,
find a brilliant sword and anicent armour but bearing the crest of a known coward and villan will the protection be worth the social stigma it will give.
a version of the above the group find a large amount of anicent tartan of mastercraft quality which will clothe a settlement but the tartan is known as the damned as all the people who wear it die so painfully so the whole settlement is shunned by all
the king is demanding the black bull of kerry as blood money for a distant kin slain the bull is owned by a evil titan warlock of great power
everyone is in a panic as everyone has had there shadow stolen by a evil drune druid who will use them to make a army of killer shadows with a spell that will cause any damage caused to the shadow to effect the real person so getting to the drune without killing your kin is a hard challenge 8)
a great bard with much power and fobidden knowledge has been trapped living in a huge block of amber a quest to find his release would be a great feat 8)
a champion of the tribes is wanted for treason so the council of elders send the party to capture him alive but how do you capture a master woodsman in his local woods forwarned that the party is coming :shock:
a great druid is needed to stop a plague of swarming wasps threatening the local harvest the snag is the druid is at the moment in animal form as a red squirrel in a huge forest good luck :shock:
a insane drune has created a new spell that is worrying the high druid and sends them to steal the secreat and or kill the drune.