Too much complaining!


Simply glancing at the boards which are meant to be dedicated to the Conan RPG, I can't help but notice people still complaining. Arguments over rules are understandable, but entire threads on spelling mistakes, "British English" and countless other problems are rife. These "issues" seem to lie more with the customer than with the company.

Mongoose have given us free gifts, previews, free adventures, a new version of the rulebook, a large list of sourcebooks in the making, as well as discount prices for SoC members, not to mention a tidy, working, detailed and flavored roleplaying game. Without them, we would not only miss out on the freebies, but on the Conan rpg all together. If people wish to really see how companies mistreat their fans, take a peek at the Decipher LotR message boards. Mongoose are doing their best, and for that I respect them. Now can we all just cut the whining? Please?

Perhaps with that out of the way, we can have more interesting posts about background, new rules, current campaigns and home made adventures. Just a little thought from an angry Cimmerian of the wilds.
No kidding man. Discussion boards are about just that - discussion.

I mean, welcome aboard and all that, but you really probably should have started off with one of those "more interesting posts" you seem to feel we're lacking so much around here.

Now....back to Conan!
No matter where you go, you will always run into pansy wimps, who just love to spout out how stupid they really are. By, bitching and moaning about trivial stuff.
...and that's complaining about those who complain...

Was that a moment of admission, Odo?


Let's let this one go guys...we've had enough twisting the knife or salt in the wound or whatever other cliché metaphor you wanna use. Let's all make nice and get back to discussing the game and just handle griping on a case by case basis amongst ourselves...

...or I'll sick Odovacar's Ghost on you (blood-thirsty bastich that he is!)
Let's just ignore this thread and get back to the discussion.
Lol, I don't think the original poster is goign to show his face here again.

It may not always be considred necessary with some companies, but at Mongoose we genuinely take the time to read our boards and we take note of any criticism. We can't always do a lot about it, but unless it's way off base you won't see us hammer down the Moderator, if you kno w what I mean.

We value what our customers have to say, and we take notice. It's the Mongoose way. :D

Well, that wasn't the objective.

I think, as a rule of thumb, if you don't like the course of the threads in the forum, start one that you wold have liked to find but didn't. Complaining about the threads is only going to be complaining about complaining and that defeats your purpose in mentioning it in the first place. :lol:

So, come on back Gromel... :wink:
Gromel said:
Without them, we would not only miss out on the freebies, but on the Conan rpg all together. If people wish to really see how companies mistreat their fans, take a peek at the Decipher LotR message boards. Mongoose are doing their best, and for that I respect them. Now can we all just cut the whining? Please?
Hmmm, you know I don't really think that you have been observing this board long enough. Aside from the thread about the GM screen I don't really see any serious complaints, just some tounge-in-cheek poking at Mongoose here and there and the usual discussion of typos which it seems has, for better or worse, become part of the shared history of this community.

As for Mongoose's outstanding customer service via the SOC program, again I don't think you have been here long enough or you would know that most members on this board absouetly venerate the folks at Mongoose for their kindness towards us and the class and dignity with which they have handled the various controveries surrounding the release of this book. And I can testify that they have undoutedly won the hearts and minds of their customers in turn. I will visit other message boards and see people asking questions about the Conan RPG or Mongoose publishing and the next thing you know the Loyal Sons are comming out of the woodwork to sing the praises of Mongoose. Some of these guys I recognize from here and some I don't but they always come. A common sentiment is that, whatever issues Mongoose may have with their editing their rulesmithing is solid and their customer service is above and beyond the call. In this industry people notice that.

So what say you don't panic about all the "whinning" and maybe be a little more constructive instead. We would absouetly love to have you stay with us and share your passion for this game but just in a more positive manner.
So what say you don't panic about all the "whinning" and maybe be a little more constructive instead. We would absouetly love to have you stay with us and share your passion for this game but just in a more positive manner.


I've voiced a concern or two about the GM screen...but don't take that as serious griping. I'm estactic about the Conan game and the products. Hazah for Mongoose and the Sons of Cimmeria Program! And Well done to Matt, Old Bear and others who take the time to read and respond to these posts. Criticism is part of making us all get better....
I have no complaints at all. I just have fun with what I post. If some people get offensive with what certain people write, then don't read them. Some people just need to learn to cool down. I've never written a post in sheer anger. It has always been fun.

I may post things that may sound very disturbing, but in reality, this is my conan personae posting. I feel you have to be a wee bit aggressive to be a true Conan fan. But, that is simply my opinion.

So, if you don't like it, then you can die with the PICTS!

Though, I know I have been helpful, every once in awhile.
Two things from the writer's point of view:

1) No writer, or company for that matter, can give the reader everything he wants. I watch the 'complaining' and the 'this is missing, WHY!?!' posts to gauge what areas we failed to cover in one supplement so we can be sure to cover it somewhere else.

That means something else will have to vanish from the book. That's just writing for you.

2) One of our jobs with RPG books is to provide the reader with an opportunity to think. When I (or another writer) comes under fire for leaving a hole I just laugh. Nine times out of ten I left it there deliberately: it's my invitation to you, the reader, to dream up something to fill it. RPGS are not fiction - readers can and should take a much more active stance in the creation of the work they read.

Current Status: Dreaming of blood and valour.
Exactly. More often than not, what appear to be holes (especially in the d20 system at large) are really just a missing puzzle piece. It's there, you just have to consider options and figure out the proper piece to stick in and make it all come together.

Personally, with very, very few exceptions, this is exavtly what I wanted D&D3.X to be in the first place. The Mongoose folks have, IMO, developed a perfect fantasy RPG product here and adding Elves and Dwarves and stuff is easy if you want to add 'em, which I may at a later date.

Fantastic job, Skalvar. Dont' let anybody convince you otherwise. 8)
I agree with both skalvar and Sutek. What may be flaws and holes, is an excellent way for GMs to use their brains. Which is why I hate step by step Modules. When someone does something not in a module, the GM usually messes things up. But, a good GM who uses more brains then what the book says, can actually "fix" the holes, and make an awesome adventure.

Yes, Mongoose has done a great job with Conan. Which is about the only product of theirs that I like. I don't like D20 products, but I don't consider Conan a part of D20. May not make much sense. But, if you don't like how I worded that, then perhaps my sword can fix your problem.
Well, what I meant was that wher ther eappear to be holes in Conan, there aren't. The apparent holes are actually plugged by some Feat or Skill or some oter cross referrenced rule somewhere. The D20 system is very water tight because it's constructed like programming; lots of "if / then" logic.
Like programming, the D20 3.5.x rules, have their code to create whatever you need to fill in those blanks. Which bloats and cripples the system in the end. With way way way to much stuff to buy.

Once again, this is merely an opinion of mine.
In regards to Shannon's recent post:

I had been working on a Conan RPG for many years, trying to find a way to present a game within an Hyborian context to a bunch of D&D heads that would appeal to them without the game losing the kind of game I wanted to enjoy.

The GURPS version didn't take, and while the website was an immense help, I lacked an official RPG for players to bite into. I was stuck working on a world without anyone interested in playing.

Then came Mongoose's Conan RPG. For me, not a single iota of the rules, or the way in which the world was presented differed from my vision. Right down to its narrative structure, it’s everything I've ever imagined a Hyborian RPG could be.

Most importantly, three enthusiastic players, my wife and two close friends, are having a blast because the RPG fits the way they wanted to play.

I thank everyone at Mongoose, the writers, and all the other hard working creators of the RPG, who put forth such interest and passion, while maintaining respect for Robert E. Howard's creation, in developing the Conan RPG.

All the areas of the game left open for our own input and interpretations were left where they belong. For most of us, the writers have given us every thing we want, and that includes the freedom to add or take away what we feel works. I think for those of us who accept the invitation of the writers to put our own minds in the mix, the results will be infinitely more rewarding.
I just want to second what "Guest" said. Mongoose's Conan RPG is excellent. They made all the rule changes that I've always bickered about in D&D times. Be it weapon weights, parry/dodge rules, restricted magic, and so forth... you guys cleaned up all that which I didn't like about D&D!

To be more specific, I especially disliked the way that D&D gets more and more magic-heavy the higher you get. A D&D level 20 hero is not a hero, she's just a mobile platform for magic gizmos, without which she is helpless against equal-CR opponents. As a GM, you spend most of your preparation time trying to set up interesting puzzles that _can't_ be solved with a single spell. It all reminds me of Goethe's "Sorcerer's Apprentice":
Spirits that I've cited / My commands ignore

The Conan RPG however - this is just what a Fantasy RPG should be like.

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