To Storm the Lair of the Sorceror of Black Mountain


Well yesterday got chatting and they showed a preference for the first serial Legend game I ran so plan on developing the next part of that game.

To recap the players consist of a pair of nobles, a village blacksmith and a woodsman who are currently accompanied by 2 anima which are intelligent animals in this case Meercats named Sergei and Aleksandr who have a Valkyr and a chariot powered by a wood burner (Historia Rodentia but still waiting on the supplement to stat them properly).

After a few adventures one noble is in the running to gain the title of Baron whilst his sister due to a gem she acquired was recognised as a duchess by the anima who were told they would be allowed citizenship if they found the Duke/Duchess which is a position long left empty because the implements that are required to recognise such a noble have been long lost well except for the gem the noble's sister is wearing as part of a headband...

The bad guys have kidnapped a number of villagers' including the blacksmith's girlfriend and they're heading out to rescue them.

The kidnapper is known as the Sorceror of Black Mountain (a legendary fortress said to be entirely man-made) and unknown to these characters is head of a mercenary organisation thats in league wth the leader of the Theocracy that rules Tarmsen (think the villain from the Beastmaster movie for that character whilst use Vector from the Wizards & Warriors as a picture of the Black Sorceror) whose been led to believe the PCs killed one of his apprentices unaware that his lackey got him killed at the hands of a bountyhunter from Tarmsen as part of a scheme to secure the Barony for his leader in Tarmsen.

That ended with the bountyhunter and all bar one member of his team being killed in a fight with a horrendous elemental which took the Valkyr and the PCs to overcome.

So they're now heading for the Black Mountain and have met an old friend from their second adventure who's seen the route the kidnappers have taken but its far from a safe route and I wanted to ask your advice on how to develop this.

There's more going on than I've mentioned (since my players are probably reading this too so I'm keeping quiet on a few things!) but what do you think about this so far?