Mysteries of the Ancients - On PDF & Pre-Order

I've been slowly reading through this and I must say, I am very, very impressed. Even an old Traveller grognard (did someone say 'jaded curmudgeon', I heard you!) can be pleasantly surprised it seems. I really like this campaign and this makes me extra excited to see what Wrath of the Ancients ends up being. Kudos to all involved in the making of MotA - writing, art, everything. Two thumbs up!
So does XBNN (Yesteryears news - tomorrow) carry a show named Ancients where a deranged Solomani claims "The Ancients did this" to everything more complex than banging two rocks together without getting an appendage between it? And does the smarter part of civilisation roll their eyes and go "No, that was the Vilanie. Who where already established star travellers when your ancestors ran around naked throwing dinner plates and yelling For Zeus!"
For Thor! Seth Sorkowski OSR - not Traveller