Thieves' World (Conan Conversion)


The Conan RPG rules set would seem to work very well for the Thieves' World campaign setting. :cool:

I have compiled below twenty odd pages worth of notes on TW originally posted at ENWorld, and am looking for support from knowledgeable types to do a TW setting to Conan rules conversion. I'm also running this thread over at ENWorld, where I hope it will benefit from the infinite TW wisdom of this document's author, Crothian. ENWorld TW/Conan thread here:

Not sure if it is bad form to cut-n-paste all this here as well, but I'm crediting him as the author of this and since I'm pretty much the only guy posting Conan RPG related stuff @ ENWorld, I figured you guys here could provide some good contributions, particularly on how to do a Conan RPG specific conversion.

Here are every last scrap of juicy TW to d20 details I could compile from various ENWorld TW threads (this work is by Crothian, and others, not me). This should get us off to a jolly good start (I haven't made any Conan RPG specific notes to Crothian's material):


Attributes: No modifications
Medium Sized
30ft base speed
1 extra feat at first level
+4 skill points at first level, +1 skill point every level after 1st
Automatic Language: Rankan (possible Royal Rankan as well; Court Rankene and
'common' Rankene are two different languages)
Favored Class: Any

Attributes: +2 Con, -2 Str
Medium Sized
30ft Base Speed
1 extra feat at first level
+4 skill points at first level, +1 skill point every level after 1st
Automatic Language: Ilsig
Favored Class: Any

Then there are the S'Danzo. A race of gypsy like people never staying anywhere to long,
always ready to leave at a moments notice. Playing one of these people will give the
advantage of having others you can trust, as the S'Danzo basically take care of their own.
However, the other S’Danzo might require certain things from you and decide whom you
should and should not associate with. They are also very close knit and might not except
the S'Danzo's friends.

Attributes: +2 Cha, -2 Str
Medium Sized
30ft Base Speed
Females have Divination abilities (work in progress)
Males have other abilities (work in progress)
Perform is always a class skill
Automatic Language: S'Danzo, one of choice
Favored Class: Bard

There are also the Caronne. They are from west side of the content, north of Ilsig. They
are known for their art and philosophy. The finest wines and silk are imported from these
people. So, there are few who would actually stay in Sanctuary, but it is a fun race to
Attributes: +2 Dex, -2 Wis
Medium Sized
30ft Base Speed
+2 to any two Charisma based Skills (players choice)
+4 skill points at first level, +1 skill point every level after 1st
Languages: Caronne
Favored Class: Any

The Raggah are desert horsemen; tqall and dark, with green or blue eyes, they are always
hooded or cloaked. They tribes that are large extended families. They speak their own
language, but only use hand signs with others. Very, very few people not of the Raggah
know their language. Occasionally, a single or pair will come into the bazaar to buy
something. Mostly, though, when the Raggah need things they raid caravans and the city

Attributes: +2 Dex, +2 Con, -2 Int, -2 Wis, -2 Cha
Medium Sized
30ft Base Speed
Proficient in Scimitar and Short Composite Bow
+2 to Ride and Handle Animal skills (Both are always a class skill)
Mounted Combat feat
+4 to resist thirst and heat in a desert
Languages: Raggah (They rarely speak any other language)
Favored Class: Fighter

Northern Barbarian (Gundermen)
The Gunderpah Mountain folk are a large people, built to fight and live in hostile
mountains. They were never conquered by the Rankan. They come and go from Sanctuary
as they please. They also where armor and carry large weapons. One of the few people to
be able to do so and not get harassed by the guards, at least not the ones who know what's
good for them. While quite formidible if they were ever to unite, their clannish, fractious
nature makes this impossible.
Attributes: +2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Int, -4 Cha
30ft Base Speed
+2 intuit Direction, +2 intimidate, +2 wilderness lore
Endurance, Toughness feat
Languages: Barbarian
Favored Class: Barbarian

The Nisibisi are a mysterious race of humans that live mostly behind the Wizard Wall.
The Wizard wall is at the top of the continent and one of the few places the Rankan has
yet to conquer. They are a magic using people, and summon demons to through at their
Attributes: +2 Int, -2 Con
30ft Base Speed
+2 Spellcraft and Concentration checks
+4 skill points at first level, +1 skill point every level after 1st
Language: Nissi
Favored Class: Wizard

Other Races:
From Aurvesh, a foreign country known for its wine production
Azehur: From a city north of Sanctuary of the same name, home to the Order of the Blue
Banmalts: A sea Faring People who live by trading in foreign ports
A Native of Cadis, a foreign country
Cirdonian: Native of Cirdon, a northern country conquered by Ranke
Cleean: A native of Cleea, a country in the North East coast of the continent, noted for
their naval activities.
Enlibrite: Descendant of a citizen from Enlibar, an ancient yet fallen empire. Enlibar was
a nation, the nation of the S'Danzo people actually. However, they become arragant and
spited the gods. THeir nation was destroyed from within and they are now forced to
wonder from place to place. Even S'Danzo who live in the same place for a deace will be
ready to pack up and leave in less then a days time. They were the creators of Enlibar
steel, a steel refined with magic. The secret of Enlibar steel is lost to even the S'Danzo.
A people noted for their metalwork
From Mrsevnda, a foreign place noted for it’s black and red gamecocks.
Mygdonian: Live north of the Wizard Wall
They are from an island nation far east and south of Sanctuary.
from Suma, a foreign place
Syrese: From Syr, a place noted for it horses
From Twand, a city across the desert from sanctuary noted for its wealth and
Tysian: From Tyris-beyond-the-sea; a foregn city noted for its spices
Winged Folk of the North
Yenized: A foreign area, the language spoken there has two forms Modern Yenized and
Old High Yenized.


Hawk Mask Prestige Class (5 level prestige class)

The Hawk Masks are the fighting force, the assassins, and the thieves of Jubal. They are
known on sight because they wear blue masks that resemble a hawk. This is to hide their
identity as well as strike fear in to people.

HD: d8

BAB: +4
Skills: Intimidate 5 ranks, Hide 5 ranks, Knowledge Local or Streetwise 3 ranks, and
Move Silently 5 ranks
Feats: Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack
Special: Must be accepted into the organization by Jubal

Class Features

Class Skills: Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Disguise (Cha), Escape Artist
(Dex), Gather Information (Cha), Hide (Dex), Innuendo (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Jump
(Str), Listen (Wis), (Move Silently (Dex), Open Locks (Dex), Search (Int), Sense Motive
(Wis), Spot (Wis), Tumble (Dex), and Use Rope (Dex)

Skill Points: 4 + Int modifier.

BAB: As Fighter
Saves: As Rogue

Hawk Mask: At first level the character is given a Hawk Mask. While wearing the mask,
he gets +4 to all Intimidate and disguise checks. Disguise is used to keep people from
recognizing who the Hawk Mask is.

Sanctuary Familiarity: At second level the Hawkmask has become very familiar with
Sanctuary and how it works. He gains +2 to both Knowledge Local, and Knowledge
Streetwise but only as they apply to the city of Sanctuary.

Poison Use: At second level the Hawk Mask can safely use poison with no fear of
poisoning himself.

Death Attack: At third level the Hawk Mask can perform a Death attack the same as an
Assassin. The DC is equal to 10+ twice the Hawkmask class level + Int modifier.

Fast Stealth: At fifth level the Hawkmask can move at normal speed and still Fhide and
Move silently with no penalty.

Hell Hound Prestige Class (5 Level prestige Class)

"The towns people have already taken to calling you Hell Hounds. Be sure that title refers
only to the your vigor with which you pursue your duties and not your viciousness."

The Hell Hounds are the elite Guards of the Prince in Sanctuary. They were chosen not
just because of their martial prowess, but also their ability to handle most situations and
their ability to work alone if need be.

Hit Dice: d10
Alignment: Any Lawful
Base Attack Bonus: +6
Feats: Expertise, Power Attack, Weapon Focus and Weapon specialization (any weapon),
Skills: Listen 5 Ranks, Knowledge Rankan History 5 ranks, Sense Motive 5 ranks, Spot 5
Must be proficient in all simple and martial weapons, as well as all armors and shields.
Special: Must be appointed to this position by the Prince.

Class Features:

Class Skills: Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Gather Information (Cha), Handle Animal
(Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Listen (Wis), Ride (Dex), Search (Int), Sense Motive (Wis), Spot
(Int), and Swim (Str)
Skill Points: 4 + Int modifier

BAB: As fighter
Saves: As Fighter

Fearless: The Hell Hounds are known for their ability to go anywhere and face anything.
At first they are immune to all types of fear and intimidation. They also receive +4
circumstance bonus on all intimidation checks.

Martial Expertise: The Hell Hounds are known to be the best fighters in Sanctuary. At
first level they receive and additional +1 to attack and +2 damage to one weapon they
have weapon focus and specialization in. Once this weapon is picked it cannot be

Way of the City: The Hell Hound has now learned much about the city and how it really
works. At second level he gets +2 to all Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, and
Innuendo checks.

Princely Favor: If the Hell Hound remains in good standing with the Prince, at third level
he can request a favor. This can only be used once, and must be in the Prince’s power.

Live for the Prince: At fourth level the Hell Hound has shown his devotion to the prince
and can call use it to help him defeat the prince’s enemies. Once a day when he is acting
on the behave on the Prince when the Hell Hound is taken to zero or below hit points he
automatically heals 2d8+10 hit points.

Seek out Justice: At fifth level when pursuing a criminal the Hell Hound treats his armor
as one category lighter in terms of movement. He also acts as if he had the Endurance feat
and that will stack if he already has the feat. Also, his knowledge of the city is such that
with a successful wisdom check DC 20 he can reason where the criminal has gone or is
hiding if the Hell Hound losses sight of him. That part of the ability only works up till
five minutes after the Hell Hound has lost sight of the target.

Stepson Prestige Class (5 level prestige class)

The Stepsons are an elite mercenary force that Tempus is the leader of. There is a lot of
camaraderie in the group. There are two types the Sword Welders and their Shield mates.

HD: d10
BAB: 5+
Feats: Power Attack, Cleave, Weapon Focus (Any), Weapon Specialization (Any)


Expertise, Dodge, Mobility, Weapon Focus (Any)

Class Skills: Climb (Str), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Jump
(Str), Knowledge Tactics (Int), Ride (Dex), Swim (Str)
Skill Points: 2 + Int modifier

Base Attack Bonus: As Fighter
Saves: As Fighter

Coordinated Fighting 1: At level one the pair of Stepsons (Swordwelders and the Shield
Mate) can fight from the same square without hindering each other. Also, Shield Mate
may use a full round action to also provide his shield bonus to the Sword Mate.

Coordinated Fighting 2: At level two the Swordwelder now gets either a +2 attack bonus
or +2 dodge bonus whenever the Shield Mate performs a full round action as in
Coordinated Fighting 1.

Coordinated Fighting 3: At third level as above except the bonus is +4. They can also
perform coordinated fighting when within 5 feet of each other.

Coordinated Fighting 4: At fourth level the duo can now work so well together they get
an extra partial action once a round. Only one of them can use this extra partial action.

Coordinated Fighting 5: At fifth level they can now fight as one. When one uses the
dodge feat, they both get the bonus. When one uses the Expertise feat, they both get the
bonus. If they attack the same foe, they are considered flanking towards is. They each roll
initiative, but can use the others roll if they choose.

Divination (Exclusive Skill, Wisdom based): Divination is the ability to correctly predict
the future. This is done for one person at a time and the less that is known about him the
better. All S’Danzo females have this as a class skill regardless of their current class;
others can obtain it as a cross class skill, and only then by taking the Third Eye feat. Use
of this skill requires some form of divination aid, typically cards, tea leaves, numerology,
or astrology.

This skill takes anywhere from a minimum of five minutes to a half hour or even longer.
The S’Danzo is pretty much in control of the time, she can speed it up or lengthen the
process, as she likes.

DC 10: The S’Danzo get a general idea of what the next couple of days will hold. “I
foresee love in your future.”
DC 15: Same as above except with more a little more detail. “I foresee love in your future
from a strong woman.”
DC 20: The information is more precise and multiple things can be seen “Not only will a
strong woman be in love with you, but her husband will soon find out.”
DC 25: Same as above except there is one specific detail that will be true “A Strong
woman will be in love with you, but her husband will find out. One the morning the crow
cries early, he will find you.”
DC 30: Multiple unrelated things can be seen or one image will be seen in great clarity. “I
foresee love in your future from a strong woman and your camel dealership shall be very
prosperous.” Or “A strong woman with long red hair will buy a camel from you and by
that night the two of you will be together. However, beware for when the crow cries early
her man will find you.”
DC 35: As above except even more detail. “I foresee love in your future from a strong,
red headed woman and your camel dealership shall be very prosperous especially with the
caravans.” Or “A strong woman with long red hair will buy a camel from you and by that
night the two of you will be together. However, beware for when the crow cries early her
man will find you. Hw will catch you unaware and your only escape will be through the
back alleys.”
DC 40: Any check of this or higher will be incredibly accurate, but cryptic. “On the day
the Hellhounds chase out the smugglers, your Camel business will prosper. One of your
buyers will be a red haired woman who you will be with for many days. However when
the crow cries early you will be found by her husband. You will know him by the blue
handled dagger he carries. You will be able to escape through the back alleys, but if you
do that you will lose her.”
Characters who have had their fortune read can make a Wisdom check against DC 20 to
recognize when it is upon them.

Synergy Bonus: With 5 ranks in Divination you get +2 synergy bonus to Bluff or Sense
Motive when telling or hearing a false fortune.

Special: Take 10 or Take 20 may not be used with this skill.

Special: On a roll of a natural one, the Diviner sees a false vision. The vision seems
exactly like any other vision. The vision however, will not come true and following the
advice will lead the recipient into great misfortune as well as possible the diviner.

Special: On a roll of a natural 20 the vision is unusually clear and accurate. The Diviner
with get specific and should be able to relay great amounts of truthful information

Special: If the Diviner is using an object like Tarot Cards that the Diviner has used
exclusively for at least one year, the Diviner gets a +2 circumstance bonus to all
Divinations with them.

Special: Divination works best for true strangers. If you are reading someone known to
you it’s at a –2 circumstance bonus. If it is for a friend it is a –5 circumstance penalty. If it
is for a blood relative it is a –10 circumstance bonus. And if it is someone you love it is a
–20 circumstance penalty.

Special: Retires are allowed on a failed roll, but not on a roll of a natural one. The DCs
are increased by five for each time it is retried. If the fortune is successfully told, no
amounts of retrying will change it. The same cards will always come up.

Special: Lying about someone’s fortunes. Occasionally the Diviner will see a fortune she
does not want to tell the person. She must make a bluff check against their sense motive.
The stronger the fortunes was the more difficult the bluff will be. The bluff check
receives a negative one circumstance penalty if the Divination check was a 20, with an
additional –1 for each five the check was over 20.


These all can only be taken at first level.

+1 all Fort Saves, +2 save vs. Disease, Starvation, and Thirst

Bazaar Merchant
+2 Bluff, +2 Diplomancy

Street Urchin
+2 Pickpocket, +2 Proffesion Beggar

+2 Proffesion Fishing, +2 Use Rope

Second Story Man
+2 Climb, +2 Balance

+2 Spot, +2 Sense Motive

Merc Trained
+2 Diplomancy, +2 Sense Motive

Mageguild Trained
+2 Concentration, +2 Spllcraft

Not sure yet

Psychic Feats
True Sight (Special)
Prerequisites: S’danzo woman, must be taken at first level, can only be taken with DM’s
Benefit: You gain +10 insight on all Divination checks. This stacks with skill focus.

Third Eye (General)
Prerequisite: Non S’Danzo, Wis 17+, must be taken at first level
Benefit: You gain the Divination skill as a cross class skill. This skill may never be made
a class skill.


Baladach wine – Good and Expensive Red Wine
Red Gold - served at the Land's End races, and is Sly's 'best'
Red courage - a cheap red wine given to gladiators before they fight
Wizardwall red -
Sweetboy Special - a 'good' beer
True Brew - beer
Vuksebah - expensive liquor, amber colored, malt whiskey from the far north
Blue John: Non Alcoholic beverage of clabbered milk
Zhanduvend: A good and expensive red wine.

There's also Cat's Piss, the stuff served at the Vulgar Unicorn.

There is also Qualis, the best drink out there. It can be made into a love potion or a very
fine liqueur

Fooder: A measure of Wine; a cask holding that amount.

S’Danzo Cards

. Forest Primeval - sunlight shining through trees in full bloom (green leaves)

Zenith - the noonday sun - (Lalo added a cityscape to the bottom of this card, and it came
to represent Sanctuary)

The Lance of Ships - the Narwhale - a card of good fortune and changeability, upside
down represents misfortune, or good fortunes disappearing

Two of Ores - Steel - image of swords pointing in one direction (towards or away from
the person who's getting their fortune told - swords toward you indicate death, swords
away mean doom for your enemy)

Quicksilver - the Card of Shalpa -

The Face of Chaos - image of a man and woman distorted 'as if in some fever dream'

The Zigurrat - image of a disintegrating tower

The Lance of Winds - images of storms and tornadoes

Justice - image of three robed and hooded figures pointing at a man kneeling

Eight of Flames - the Lady of Fire - 'who's touch can warm or destroy' (the goddess

Seven of Ores - Red Clay - represents craftsmen potters

The Archway - image of a massive gate with an unknown mystic symbol carved in its
keystone. beyond the gate is plush greenery

Three of Flames - images of three nondescript people holding torches in a long tunnel,
with one end of the tunnel dark, and the other bright

Lance of Air, Seven of Ships, Five of Ores, the Whirlwind, the Warfleet, the Iron Key,
the Orb, Quicksilver, Acorn, Ocean, Emptiness (no picture descriptions)

(b10 pg220-1) the cards are called Amashkiki, 'The Guideposts of Vision'

The Termagant, old S'Danzo seeress, ”I take it you know that among the amashkiki there
are five families [suits]: fire, ore, wood, water and air, as correspond to the five elements
from which the universe was made. Each family is led by its Prime and defended by its
Lance. There are, of course, cards which do not fall into the families...”

“The Lances defend. They are rigid, sharp-edged, defined. The Primes, though, are the
start of things. And also the ends. Magicians like the Prime cards because they mean
everything, you know. The appearance of a Prime simplifies the reading, she may have
told you this; two Primes and it practically shouts. Five Primes is absurd...”

by the Termagant's examples, the Seven of Ships and the Lance of Ships (in the earlier
post) are probably the Water cards

Lady of the Forest - woman 'spirit with cobweb wings'

Lady of the Stones - woman sitting at a stone-weighted loom

Fifth of Air - 'scattering of petals floating away from a bouquet' (b12p221)

Drugs (Good and Bad)

Agris: a plant whose flowers cure stomach ache
Cyclantha powder: White Sleeping powder taken with wine
Dalin: Foolproof herbal abortifacient
Dark Melles: Raw root that when eaten cures chest pains
Gernay: cures constipation, consists of two roots, flower, and a leaf.
Krrf: Recreational stimulant drug, usually mixed with snuff.
Kleetel: Cheap recreational drug that can cause vomiting
Stypis: Plant whose leaves taken with an infusion cures headaches


Blue Wing: Deadly Foe seeking Boomerang


Byrnie: Coat of Mail
Cuirasse: Breastplate


Copper: a copper coin of small denomination
Grimale: Rankan gold coin
Padpool: Rankan Copper
Royals: Ranken Gold coin
Sheboozh: A Rankan gold coin

Different Sections of Sanctuary

The people who live there divide the city of Sanctuary into many different areas. Each
section has it’s own feel and it’s own twist on the laws and enforcing them. The different
areas are the Maze, the Bazaar, the Street of Red Lanterns, Downwind, Westside, the
Processional, the Jewelers Quarters, the Docks, the Palace, the Avenue of Temples, and
the outskirts, which includes the few farms and some of the outlining Noble houses.

Downwind: This part of Sanctuary is filled with the poorest of the poor. There are few
true buildings here; most are make shift tents and lean-tos. The best none building in
Momma Leoni’s, a two story bar, the only true business this side of the White Foal River.
While many thieves live here, few people are robbed here as no one has anything to steal.
Downwind is not just filled with the outcast and thieves of Sanctuary. There are many
families force to live here because they have nowhere else to go. Many commute to the
real city to work. Some comb the beach for driftwood and other valuables that may wash
up from time to time. There are many gangs who claim different areas of Downwind.
They are mostly allowed to do as they please because Jubal, the guards, and other people
of power really don’t care what goes on here. Aside from the random crime, the biggest
threat to Downwinders are fires. Fires will devastate much of Downwind before it’s
contained if it is at all. The temporary houses are very flammable, and while the more
stable clay houses don’t burn they do get really hot and trap people in what basically
becomes an oven. It’s called Downwind, because this is the way the wind blows from the
smelly West Side.

The West Side: This is a section of poor people and certain businesses. This part of town
is where all the perfumers, tanners, glue makers and other businesses that produce foul
smells. The West Side is trashiest on the western end and around the maze. The area near
the Processional is rather nice. This is where Downwinders dream of living one day as
it’s usually the next step up for them. The housing is the cheapest in the city proper, but it
is all permanent housing and some even have doors and windows. Guards actually do
some patrolling here, but crime is still pretty high. Fires are less dangerous here as a more
organized effort will be put forth to put the fire out. The most well known place is
Stulwig’s Apothecary.

The Bazaar: This is the busiest place in Sanctuary open from sun up till sun down. While
many of the S’Danzo live here in the permanent building by the walls, most people come
in every morning and set up their tents and booths. All sort of thing can be found here to
purchase from foods to jewelry to weapons, to day-to-day equipment to even livestock.
There are no set prices on anything as everything is haggled for and prices are determined
by who is buying, who is selling, and many other intangible factors. Pickpockets are the
biggest threat to one self here, as there are always guards and others watching out for
trouble. This is the one place that the truly rich and truly poor come and can be seen

Street of Red Lanterns:
This place sells what the Bazaar does not. The small section is
home to the brothels, moneylenders, pawnshops, and gambling halls. There are also some
small merchants who have some of the more interesting things to sell here and there. The
street is well patrolled during the day, but the guards don’t come here much in the
evening so it’s a great meeting place. Myrtis, owner of the Aphrodisia House is the
unofficial mayor of this section, as all the other business owners look to her for advice
and also organizing them in times of trouble.

The Processional: This is the middle class district. Most of the buildings are two story and
people live on top of their shops. All the buildings here have doors and widows as well as
good, solid locks. The guards patrol here frequently, but crime is still a problem. There
are many typical shops and stores, inns and taverns in this district.

The Jewelers Quarters: This is the rich side of town. All the buildings are very nice, and
the streets are basically clean. This place is heavily patrolled and many of the locals have
their own personal guards as well. People who are poorly dressed and loiterers are not
allowed in this section of town. This is where the Mage Guild is located as well as many
of the most notable businessmen.

Temple District: This is the area where all the temples are and all the priests live. There
are always guards around as this small section is easily to patrol with a few people. The
riff raff is usually not allowed here, except on Godsday when they can come and beg for

Palace District: The only way here is past many armed guards and they do not let
everyone in. On certain days the place is opened to take petitions from the commoners,
and on those days there are scores of guards out and about.

The Maze: Only the brave, foolish, or skilled enter this place. The only guards that come in do
so in numbers greater then six, and still only in the bright light of day. The streets are all
small and dark. There are over hangings and tunnels that cast shadows everywhere. Dead
bodies are left out in the street and the worst crimes go on in the wide open. This is a
place for the thieves and the people they associate with. Every man is for himself here and
might makes right is the only law. Hawkmasks frequent this area the most. The Vulgar
Unicorn can be found somewhere in here.

The Docks: This is the place for the fishermen. Most of them live in fisherman’s row.
They all know each other and are not nice to outsiders. An outsider is anyone not in the
fishing business. They are a tight group, and look out for each other. They provide much
of the food for the city; so most people leave them alone.

Outskirts: The lands around Sanctuary are either farmland slowly being taken over by the
desert or the once great noble houses. The farmland has been over farmed for decades and
unless a miracle or highly competent farmer starts taking care of the land it will all be
gone. The noble houses are a mixed lot. Some are abandoned and thought to be haunted,
others are lived in by actual nobles, and one is Jubal’s estate. It’s best to know who lives
in the one you are visiting before going up to the door.

Some lesser known people and places in Sanctuary
Enas Yorl's 'address' - “on - or, more exactly, below - Prytanis Street, where the city
petered out to the southeast of Temple Avenue”
Ischade's address - “Seventh in the alley called Snake. On the right as you go from the
Serpentine at Acban's Passage.” (from Enas Yorl, b3p100-1)

Docks - the Wine Barrel; “a rickety wharf-side tavern favored by the fishermen and
therefore shunned by everyone else.” (b3ps142-3)

The Serpentine - partially cobbled street

Sly's Place - dive bar, at the end of the street

Old Birt's Dodge - street on the right side of Sly's

Street of Tanners - street on the left side of Sly's

Zandulas's Tannery - 3 blocks from Sly's (”Zandulas is a friendly enough fellow, if he
would ever bathe.” b11p140)

Chollandar's Glue Shop - next to Zandulas's - proprietor, 'Cholly' “makes the finest glues
and pastes in town. He uses only the best ingredients: tree sap, inedible fish, hooves and
unusable hides, flour, acids and other compounds from chemists, and people.” (b11p141)
assistants - Aram (16, sleeps under the counter), Sambar (sleeps in a horse stall with..),
Enkidu and Eshi (two gray work horses - who haul the work wagon), wife, Ineedra,
tortoise-shell calico cat, Crumpet

Reh Shing the Soapmaker - across the alley from Cholly's - buys barrels of tallow from

Shamara's Wig Shop - buy's scalps from Cholly

Marc's Weapons Shop - bought weapons from Cholly - “Most of Marc's goods were
shoddy...the really good stuff he sold separately. Some special blades he kept for
himself.” (b11p150)

Man in Motley - restaurant on Cholly's route - “...Where a joint was always skewered to
the carving board.” (b11p151)

Herwick the jeweler - on Cholly's route (Lalo's son Ganner apprenticed here before the
False Plague riots - b11p151)

Synab's artifact and curio shop - down the street from Herwick's - Synab “white-haired
man in green linen” (b11p153) has some knowledge of lost languages and myths

Renn - banker, was (to Cholly) “one of the few men in Sanctuary he completely trusted”
(b11p153) - armed guards and other defenses - “No one had ever robbed Renn's bank and
lived to reach the door.” (b11p153) - on the Street of Money

the Winebarrel - tavern catering to fishermen

The Street of Red Lanterns:

the Lily Garden - Amoli, proprietor (left town in book 12), new owner, Taya (former
Prince's consort) - “one of the most respectable brothels in town.” (b12p33) - not far from
the Maze, has an underground tunnel to the Lastel house

the Slippery Lily

the House of Whips

The Shambles

the Tinker's Knob - salvaged from burnt wreckage (tavern - burnt in False Plague riots (i

the Warm Kettle - inn, Shamut and Dansea proprietors (existed before the Rankan
invasion), 'decent' place -- “they minded their own business and ran an honest
establishment.” (b12p82)

Hari's - 'upscale' restaurant

Golden Oasis - 'upscale' restaurant

Scholars Guild - hires out tutors for the wealthy

The Promise of Heaven - a park
an altar and statue to Sabellia, with two waist-high pedestals and a white pebbled pathway

Asphodel works in the park (nights)

Rahi - “tinker who did a small side business in small arms, knives, and the like”, He was
an “astonishing phenomenon, an honest tradesman”

Gonfred - “a goldsmith with a reputation for honesty”

Grian - runs a charnal house


The Pit
Location: The Maze
Owner: Hardrid

In the hidden recesses of the Maze is a place only slightly less known then the Vulgar
Unicorn. The Pit is a place of surprising safety to come and bet on fights and enjoy a cup
of cat’s piss with others. The Pit has been in the Maze for over ten years. It is the creation
of Hardrid, one of the toughest characters to ever wash up on the shores of Sanctuary. The
Pit is a place anyone can come to fight or to watch and bet on the fights. It has become an
organized way for new combatants to make a name for themselves and eventually rise to
the price fights and make some real money.

The Pit is a two story building and rather non-descript from the outside. It’s open four
evenings out of seven (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). Everyone is aware
of the Pit, but not as many brave the Maze to go there. Many would be robbers hang out
in the alley ways to the Pit in hope of getting some of the people as they go there and
come back. So, many of the people travel in packs and safety in numbers is usually

At the door are two large bouncers. Everyone who is here to watch the fights must pay a
copper piece to get in, more for special events. Fighters get in free and are taken to the
basement to wait their turn. The Patrons are shown upstairs to the standing room they
have to look down and watch the fight. All the fights happen in the basement. One can
look from the second floor all the way down. On the first floor are the box seats where the
high rollers are. Only people who own a box seat or are invited by them can be on this
level. There are waitresses that take orders and collect bets as well as specific places to
get drinks and place bets on both levels.

Crime of any kind is not allowed. Any one caught stealing, pick pocketing, harassing the
waitresses too much etc. face the only punishment the Pit has. The guilty person is
stripped of all possessions and tossed into the pit to fight in an impromptu special event.
See below for more details. Most of the times the person tossed in here is left alive and
abandoned some place in the Maze. That person is never again allowed to come back into
the Pit. If they do sneak in and are caught, they are killed in the Pit.

Anyone is allowed to come and fight at the pit. Mostly it’s thugs and fishermen trying to
earn an extra copper or two, but mercenaries and guards are not uncommon. All Pit fights
are hand-to-hand: no armor, no shields. The winner is the one standing at the end, but
occasionally one of the fighters gives up. There are no ties. While the fights are violent,
deaths are rare. Fighters are paid a copper for fighting and a silver for winning. They can
also bet on themselves with the same limits as below in the betting section. Anyone who
throws a fight or looks like they are throwing the fight probably won’t live through the
night. Hardrid has a reputation for honest fights and he makes sure that reputation stays

The first round of fights is called the Scrub Matches. These are fights between the
walk-ins, so anyone can fight here. The number depends on how many appear that night.
Some nights, like the Wednesday or Thursday these are the only fights going on. Fighter
receive a copper piece for fighting, a silver piece for winning, and a look at by the Pit
Physician, Damien to help out some of the damage. One has to win 5 Scrub Matches in a
row to get to the next round. A person can only fight in one Scrub Match a night, unless
Hardrid gives special permission.

Then there are the House Fighters. These are more serious fights these fighters are all
very skilled. There are usually about fourteen different House Fighters in employment at a
time. Once someone wins five Scrub fights in a row, they now can fight a house fighter.
They get paid a silver piece for fighting and a gold piece for winning until they win three
fights. After that they get paid a gold for fighting, and a platinum for winning. One has to
win five of these fights to get to the next level, however they don’t have to be in a row.
They can loose up to two fights, after loosing the third they have to go back and fight
Scrub fights to get back to this level. These fights are usually fought on the weekends.

A person who gets through the House Fighters then earns the right to challenge the
ranked Fighters or to participate in a special event. There are Five Ranked Fighters, all of
them professional fighters. All of these fights are special events and are scheduled weeks
ahead of time. One gets at least 50 gold pieces to fight and a few hundred gold if they win
the fight. If the challenger wins he becomes the number Five Fighter. He can always
challenge the number Four Fighter or participate in special events. He can also be
challenged by anyone who gets through the House Fighters.

Special Events are rare but occur when a well-known fighter comes into town on a ship or
a caravan and wishes to fight. Also, many of the rich people have their own sponsored
fighter that they will have fight a challenger. Payment for fighting and winning varies in
all these instances. It is usually at least 25 gold to fight and a percentage of the winnings.

The betting is done before the fight begins but after the fighters are announced. Most bets
are even odds, only in a severe miss match will different odds be taken. People on the
second floor can bet up to a silver piece on the Scrub Fights and up to five silver pieces
on the House fights. Special fights have even higher limits. Fighters are allowed to bet up
to twice that, but only on themselves. People in the luxury boxes have been known to bet
small fortunes on fights.

The rules are very simple: No crime, no cheating, and no magic. People who commit
crimes are forced to fight in the Pit. People who throw fights or cheat are usually killed.
No one knows if any magic has been tried, but it is rumored Hardrid has a contract with
the Mageguild to protect against magic.

The special events are rare and varied. If someone is caught stealing and thrown into the
Pit one of two types of special events happens. Either a house fighter or ranked fight goes
into the pit and people bet how long the criminal will last. Or a bunch of Scrubs Fighters
are let into the ring and people bet on who will be the one to KO the criminal. Other
special events involve fighters brought in from other areas of the city or from elsewhere
in the world.

Geography of TW (all directions are from Sanctuary)

north, a horse ranch in 'Hidden Valley' (b9p58)

the Sun's Anvil (desert); Raggah (desert tribe)

Scavenger's Island - b11p10 - from Hakiem: “Scavenger's Island - pirate haven. A place
which made Sanctuary at its worst seem serene and orderly by comparison. Scourge of
the seas, Harrier of the coast, and, also, a place which had generally regarded Sanctuary as
a poor relation and left it alone.”

Bandaran Isles - birthplace of Niko, where the Stormchildren were sent, where Hanse was
headed when captured (was to be sold into slavery)

Swamp of Night Secrets - (Ratfall - used as Zip's hide-out)

Wizardwall - Tyse's slopes (mountain range)

Aurvesh (route of caravan guard Fulcris, b9 'Spellmaster')

(beyond Aurvesh) Twand (route of caravan guard Fulcris, b9 'Spellmaster')

-northwest- Firaqa city ruled by wizards (Hanse killed one, a particularly nasty one (b10,
p242) - b10, p253 Hanse: “A city far to the north. Strange people with a strange religon.
Ruled by a sort of council of sorcerers. The chief was also the most evil and I suppose the
most powerful. He's dead now.”

Ferrillan - “far north of Firaqa”* (*told by Strick (b9 'Spellmaster') who is liar, so, who

Maidenhead Wood -- a day or two this side of Firaqa*

Suma - north (caravan route)

Crit has 'Syrese' features

Samlor hil Samt is 'Cirdonian'

Mygdonians live on the other side of the Wizardwall (Niko fought with guerrillas called
the Successors against the Mygdonians)

Khamwas the wizard (book 10) is from Napata, 'the Land of the River' and of the desert
(and the desert holds ruins to ancient gods, like Somptu and Harsaphes)

Jarveena is originally from an abandoned (or destroyed) village called Holt, now reffered
to as Forgotten

Enlibar - oranges are from Enlibar, either so rare or so good, they're 'legendary' (b11p94)
(probably rare)

Ilbarsi - Ilbarsa?

Bhokar - shipped lumber to Sanctuary for construction of a barracks on the Vigeles'
Land's End estate, also known for Bhokaran ferryboats (burned the dead)

Adventuring in Sanctuary

So, how does one do this? The group is assembled and frankly, they are just hoping to
make it through the day with their purse, and the night with their life. There are a few
things that can be done depending on the level of action and interaction the group enjoys.
To allow for the chance of prosperity I like to set them up with a daily routine. All
characters should have a way to make some money be it begging, a day laborer, an actual
job, performing, or theft. So, unless the PCs have specific things to do or the DM has
specific encounters planned for that day, I have all the PCs make some skill rolls and tell
them what they earned. Not everything they earn is money. People can also earn food or
equipment depending on what the character is doing.

Then the interesting stuff happens in the night. Now, don’t do that every night. You have
to allow the characters to have some time when nothing happens otherwise it the
unusually becomes mundane. In the night the characters might go to the Pit to fight or
gamble. Head up to the Street of Red Lanterns to enjoy themselves in many ways, or even
plan a heist or some other nightly job. This allows the players to slowly build a little bit of
a power base as they increase their wealth and can get some useful equipment. What they
get and what they do will really depend on the group.

First, there are the DM planned encounters that can turn into an adventure. This can
include the group being framed for a crime or just being in the wrong place at the wrong
time and being chased through the streets at night. With a good map and defined light
sources this can be a very odd and even scary experience. Or the group can be paid in an
object that turns out to be magical. It might have been stolen or lost from the Mageguild
or some other powerful person. Does the person know where it is or if it’s gone? Will the
group return it hoping for a reward (and possible loosing a pinky finger), will they try to
sell it, or will they just go over to the ocean and toss it in. The DM can also have planned
encounters with specific NPCs from the books. This is always difficult to do especially
for the well known ones like Hanse and Tempest. Characters will probably already have a
good idea who these people are and be very cautious about any such meeting. Another
possibility is to allow the character to witness an event or series of events to see how the
players react. They can ignore the item, remember and sell the info or try to blackmail the
people involved, or even try to help anyone involved. If the players do help people and
play the good guys allow them to succeed and reward them in some way for their actions.
It would be really easy to have every good action be punished in Sanctuary.

I also encourage the players to get some group goals. These can be as simple as getting
enough money to move into the Westside and eventually open a tavern to planning the
eventual fall of Jubal. They can also try to get a boat and become pirates, or become
valued members of the Mageguild, or even get in good with the Rankan rulers. Then once
the goals and motives are established I let them decide the best way to get there. As DM
I’ll offer advice that if they request it or seem to be going off on some impossible idea,
even for sanctuary. From there’s allowing them to attempt do do what they want to do.
Earning money and making contacts and staying alive are probably the biggest parts of
the game. There are many interesting people of Sanctuary, so finding the right person to
help can really get the players a few steps closer to their ultimate goal. At the same time,
meeting the wrong person can set them back drastically.

Now, there are ways to have more traditional adventures. One can have the PCs go
through the tunnels and the sewers meeting all sorts of no good people and critters. They
can go explore a haunted noble house or other place that has supernatural occurrences.
This can deal with an act of the gods or a one of the wizards. Of course, the reason for it
might never be known and only adds to the mystery. Then there are the areas around
Sanctuary like the Swamp and the Desert. They can also travel by ship and encounter who
knows what out there. There’s scavenger’s Island to the south, which can offer all sorts of
adventure. However, it’s best to only let the PCs leave Sanctuary when they’ve earned it.
One of the themes in Thieves World is people want to leave the city, but are unable to.
Wow, wow, wow. I loved all those old Chaosium games. I'm going to have to dig into that a little later. [thumbs_up]
dinska said:
Wow, wow, wow. I loved all those old Chaosium games. I'm going to have to dig into that a little later. [thumbs_up]

Yeah, I have the original Chaosium Thieves' World RPG box set, plus the first six novels. 8)