Thier Own Fantasy Setting

(Ecclesiastes 1:9 NIV) What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

To you think that applies to games?
>The ideal set up in my mind would be four books

I prefer one core book with system, basic setting, basic items, magic and character creation. Then other books expanding items, magic, flora and fauna, and history.

But the flare of the world should be in the first book. You get your taste you start off then you want more.

Price of core book E35-40. Other books E30-40.

Oh yes. Make the world seem very very expansive. Make the reader want to run around and explore everything. Hint at mysteries for the gms to make up. Bring out books on those hints later if you want.

My main problem with some books are they dont inspire me, I have to see the potental and do all the work. I have to make the worlds seem a huge thing and the players feel a area 100 miles by 100 miles is massive.

I love the Idea of a flore and fauna book. Bestiarys are all the range but flicking from a poisous plant to a flying monster to a healing planet sounds wonderlful. Also you could use old flora and fauna books as inspiration.

World maps are nice but unneccessary, you can make your own, and I think they limit a starting setting book.

Exotic, exotic exotic. Odd customs, races, landscapes, please. Steal from ancient history, videogames and make your own.

Oh make clothes, perfumes, weapons, incenses, jewellary, weapons, poisions, soaps, runes, languages, hairstyles, travelling equipment, different types of houses, boats, flyingships, travelling animals, swimming ships, stable foods, drinks, festivals, holidays, fairs, music, famous songs, art, plays and stories. Make the players feel like every village is a different world with new quests, love interest and items.

Let them wander from wonder to wonder, have to sometimes learn a new language to speak to the flower seller who they like.

Give a bonus for building allies, friends and family.

Now im giving away my own secrets so I better stop.
Mark Dunder said:
(Ecclesiastes 1:9 NIV) What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

To you think that applies to games?

Nope. History is very very very big and we keep forgetting bits. Rpgs arent though a 1/1000 of it yet.
Serialising such a world through the pages of S&P would seem a good way to do it without having to go to any huge investment in terms of printing costs. If enough people liked it the individual chapters could be put together in printed form with additional material later on.
Neo said:
dunderm said:
Or you could make up a polyglot world like I did, to represent about every culture under the sun.

Then they would not have to put out much effort for doing up a fantasy setting.

A world that represents "loosely" about eveery culture under the Sun is essentially what the Forgotten Realsm by Wizards is. And also Howards Conan.

And Kingdoms of Kalamar :wink:

I would welcome a "good" fantasy setting, and it could be doable (think warhammer, and thats crap)
Neo, you do have some great ideas here. Mongoose, as I recall, allows a very generous licensing offer from their OGL main books. They wanted to play it safe and stay "generic" for the sake of handing the world over to the players, but they know there are a ton of kiddies out their with their mouths gaping open like baby birds for canon material. That's why they said--hey, create your own stuff, and you can mesh it with ours. Maybe this is indeed what needs to be done. Put your own stuff together then approach Mongoose with it, perhaps trying to get them to publish it or showing them how you've already published it (perhaps even in PDF only format), and ask them about a possible partnership of licensing. This is kind of where I am now--putting together my own book and preparing it for publishing, but I intend to approach Mongoose with it before reaching that step (lord knows I can't afford all the necessary artwork right off the bat). I dunno. Just a thought.