There are two new ship books

One assumes you are referring to Ships of the Galaxy & Ship builder's Manual.

The one you want for ship stats is SotG, SBM gives you rules to construct youtr own ships.

As for speeds, I'm not sure, and it's too late for me to go and dig my book out tonight.

No speeds, space movement is in increments based on certain orders as per the B52E rules.

What I can't find is ship there a place that dicusses this without me having to construct a whole ship. I'm looking for the cost a a Space Liner (size: Hume). One of my players is a trader and with the investment special ability would like to purchase a space Line.

Babylon 5 Aide said:
Do they have speeds in them now?

It buged me alittle too that there were no speeds but it simplifies combat a lot. Where speed is concerned, ships are basicaly divided between those with afterburners and those without. That's a bit dull when two ships are racing to get somewhere in normal space or when one tries to outrun the other. For these cases where relative speed is important, I would probably use the handling score as a mesure of the relative speed of a ship. It seems to make sense most of the time.
Ships have a maneuver rating, called performance or agility or something like that, which covers the accelleration of ships. In combat it is only important for determining the Defense rating of a ship, but overall it can be considered a rating for haow fast a ship can accellerate. This would mean the GM would determine how quickly the White Star would leave that Omega in the dust.
Indeed that's kinda what I wrote but the post from Babylon 5 Aide made me wonder if the Omega had a higher handling than the whitestar. I haven't checked it out but I do hope that is not the case.
i would guess that accelration is always more important cos in space in theory all ships could go just as fast as each other if they keep accelrating all the time, its just a matter of how quickly you get to that speed.
That is another flaw in both of those books. Another reason for me to continue using the 1st edtion for most of my ship combat. The day an omega could out run or out manuever a white star is the day the devil can ice skate to work. Sorry I really couldn't hold my promise any longer.