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About the missiles and the resolution of the anti-missile defense, I assume they can be used depending on their thrust score i.e. the dogfighting can be resolved in the same turn as the PD reaction. The general rule here, from the CRB is that a turret can be used only once in a round, thus either for attack or PD. So, my assumption is, that turrets firing missiles against targets, can't be used for PD that round.

It goes like this:

someone fires salvo at you. It will hit you next round.

Friendly ships fire interception missiles. They will "hit" next round; for the sake of the game, assume they will hit before the enemy missiles.

Next turn arrives.

You fire dogfighting missiles. They hit now.

First, you resolve the inteceptors. Chance to hit is 2 + 1 (smart) = 3 vs 8. Meaning you need 5 or more to hit. I don't use the regular PD rules here, since it seems they are not suitable for non-beam defences.

Second, you resolve dogfighting missiles. They hit on 3+ (4 + 1 vs 8 ), and then for each hit you roll 1D to see which actually do something.

Third, you resolve the remainder with regular PDs (laser turrets most likely) as a reaction.

This all happens in 1 round.
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Two more errata/typos in the PDF:

p.143, paragraph 4: "diamerter"
p.150 table: "400,0000,000km" extra zero

Is there a master list of these? I don't want to duplicate what someone else may have already posted.
“Diamerter”. Lol. How’d that one get through? Someone needs to have a heart to heart with Microsoft spell check.

Now that they’ve gone to print, I would doubt Mongoose will be releasing additional updates.
Old School said:
“Diamerter”. Lol. How’d that one get through? Someone needs to have a heart to heart with Microsoft spell check.

Now that they’ve gone to print, I would doubt Mongoose will be releasing additional updates.

M J thanks for the reply! I just saw it now, almost 3 months later.

To make sure we have obtained a sufficient understanding I will re-iterate what I got, so you and others can correct me. My confusion is only regarding the defensive use of the missiles.

On page 160 (Companion) it says dogfighting missiles can be used as PD with their +4 bonus.

Example: Jack uses PD reaction with 1 dogfighting missile against enemy salvo. He has net skill of 2. He rolls 7, adds +2 (skill) and +4 (from the missile) for a total of 13 (effect 5). Does he stop 5 missiles using 1? Perhaps I have to apply the rest of the rules.

Then we go to page 161 (Companion).

Area defence. Interceptor missiles are the player here. I assume we use them as PD, but a little different.

Jack fires 3 interceptor missiles (using a triple turret). He rolls 9, +2 (skill) and +2 (interceptor missile), for a total of 13 (effect 5). The rules state each interceptor missile can target 1 missile. Effect is 5, but missiles are 3, so Jack intercepts and stops 3 missiles.

Point defence Then Eric, using another turret, launches 3 dogfighting missiles. With skill of +1, he rolls 5. Adding +1 (skill) and +4 (dogfighting missile) he gets 10 (effect 2). With his 3 missiles, he intercepts 2 enemy missiles. Now he rolls 1D twice to see if he actually destroys the 2 hits.

Escorts - page 161

Escort Alpha protects Hauler Nobos.
Escort Alpha is composed of 1 small craft with 2 weapons (1 missile, 1 beam), and 1 starship with 3 triple turrets (one missile, two beam turrets).
Enemy salvo approaches Nobos. Alpha intercepts.

Escort alpha fires 3+1 dogfight missiles. Let's assume all gunners have skill 1.

Small craft does PD, rolls 7 +1 (skill) +4 (df missile) = 12 (effect 4), however since it fires only 1 missile, only 1 is intercepted. Then it rolls 1D and hopes for 3+.
Small craft fires its beam weapon. It rolls 11 + 1 (skill) - 2 (threat intercepts another) = 10. Hits, destroys 1 missile. However, is that a PD check or regular attack?

1 starship fires the 3 dogfight missiles from the turret. It rolls 8 +1 (skill) +4 (df missile) = 13 (effect 5). 3 missiles are intercepted. It rolls 1D three times to see which ones are destroyed.

The starship also fires the 1st beam turret. It rolls 7 +1 +2 (triple turret) -2 (threat intercepts another) = 8 (effect 0). No missiles are destroyed.
The starship fires the 2nd beam turret. It rolls 9 +1 +2 (triple turret) -2 (threat intercepts another) = 10 (effect 2). One missile is destroyed (max 1 per turret). Again, is that a PD check or regular attack? Regular attack hits even with 0 effect and gets the bonus to hit from lasers?


So did I get something right? Everyone else is free to join btw.