The sunstone?



Had a random thought one time. What if there was a counterpart to the Moonstone? Maybe Kai and Ishir grant the "sunstone" to the nations of light to combat the comming darkness. Or maybe the Shianti created it and adventurers find it barried in an ancient Shianti city.

But will the sunstone be to powerful for them to wield?
There was a Special Item in Dawn of the Drawgons called the Sunstone - this was made to destroy active Shadow Gates.

I think that there is also an item called the Sunstone in Southern Magnamund, created by Shasarak - have to check my books on that.
Shasarak did create a sunstone my guess is it was destroyed when it unleashed it's power in a single day destroying Taklakot and crippling Shasarak.
The original Kai Monastery apparently has a Sunstone, because it is used in one of the four vows to judge a prospective Kai's soul. (I checked, its the vow of solaris)

The Core book said:
Common trial: The potential novice is given one the monastery's rare treasures, a Sunstone. These minor magical items shed a glow in direct proportion to the 'goodness' of the bearers soul. The novice is placed against the shadowed far wall of the monastery's great hall and if the light is sufficient to make the novice visible to the Kai elders, the trial is passed